Conference Agenda

Workshop 3: The Depth-Age Model
Tuesday, 19/July/2022:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Session Chair: Stacy Carolin
Location: Geology (306)

Meet near Registration Desk and you will taken to the Geology Institute, which is a short walk away (c. 5 minutes).

Session Abstract

A robust chronological framework is the foundation for any palaeo-environmental reconstruction. Age-depth modeling refers to the process of assigning ages to all proxy values measured along a profile. Normally, the number of known dates (be it radiometrical dates or layer counts or other independently determined values) is much smaller than the number of proxy measurements along the depth axis of a palaeo-environmental archive, which necessitates the use of inter- and extrapolation schemes to derive proxy time series.

Multiple interpolation schemes have been employed in speleothem science to assign ages to proxy measurements: linear interpolation, spline interpolation, StalAge, OxCal, COPRA, and others. In this workshop we will begin with an overview on depth-age modeling. We will then introduce two select programs available — COPRA and OxCal -- by guiding participants on how to install the software, import data, and produce depth-age models in each. Once participants are confident in their abilities to use these programs, we will investigate chosen example U/Th sample sets and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two interpolation schemes given each example U/Th datasets’ limitations. The investigative analysis presented can be applied to other age/proxy interpolation schemes for further comparisons.