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Poster - 39 Neutrons: Neutron scattering
Thursday, 19/Aug/2021:
5:10pm - 6:10pm

Session Chair: Esko Oksanen
Session Chair: Matthew Paul Blakeley
Session Chair: Jiri Kulda


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Poster session abstracts

Radomír Kužel

Identification of crystallographic planes of a polyhedral crystal at SENJU

Akiko Nakao1, Taketo Moyoshi1, Kentaro Moriyama1, Takeshi Matsumura2, Kenshirou Iba2, Shigeo Ohara3, Yoshihisa Ishikawa1, Koji Munakata1, Takashi Ohhara4, Ryoji Kiyanagi4

1Neutron Science and Technology Center, CROSS, Tokai, Ibaraki 319-1106, Japan; 2Department of Quantum Matter, AdSM, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima 739-8530, Japan; 3Department of Physical Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya 466-8555, Japan; 4J-PARC Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Tokai, Ibaraki 319-1195, Japan

Upgrades of a TOF single-crystal neutron diffractometer SENJU for improvement of versatility

Takashi Ohhara1, Ryoji Kiyanagi1, Akiko Nakao2, Koji Munakata2, Yoshihisa Ishikawa2, Kentaro Moriyama2, Itaru Tamura1, Koji Kaneko1

1J-PARC Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Tokai, Ibaraki, Japan; 2Neutron Science and Technology Center, Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society, Tokai, Ibaraki, Japan

Macromolecular Neutron Diffraction at the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum

Andreas Ostermann1, Tobias E. Schrader2

1Technical University Munich, Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum MLZ, Garching, Germany; 2Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS) at Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ), Garching, Germany

Towards generalised diffraction integration software: neutron diffraction analysis in DIALS

David McDonagh1, David Waterman1,2

1Science and Technology Facilities Council, Didcot, United Kingdom; 2CCP4, Research Complex at Harwell, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Didcot, United Kingdom

Toward elucidating the mechanism of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases: Chemical insights from X-ray and neutron crystallography

Gabriela C. Schröder1,2, Flora Meilleur1,2

1Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695, USA; 2Neutron Scattering Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831, USA.

Application of machine learning and kernel density estimation for efficient data treatment on single crystal diffraction data

Ryoji Kiyanagi1, Takashi Ohhara1, Akiko Nakao2, Koji Munakata2, Yoshihisa Ishikawa2, Kentro Moriyama2

1J-PARC center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Ibaraki, Japan; 2Neutron Science and Technology center, Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society, Ibaraki, Japan

Protein neutron diffraction experiment with dynamic nuclear polarization

Ichiro Tanaka, Himeka Nishino, Hideki Yamauchi, Yohei Noda, Tomoki Maeda, Satoshi Koizumi

Ibaraki University, Ibaraki, Japan

In search of anharmonic motion of H-atoms

Szymon Marcin Sutula1, Maura Malinska1, Laura Canadillas Delgado2, Oscar Ramon Fabelo Rosa2, Krzysztof Woźniak1

1Department of Chemistry, University of Warsaw, Pasteura 1, 02093 Warszawa, Poland; 2Institut Laue-Langevin, 71 Ave Des Martyrs, CS 20156, 38042, Grenoble Cedex 9, Grenoble, France

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