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Session Overview
Keynote 2: Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp
Monday, 28/Aug/2017:
11:00 - 12:00

Session Chair: Shiu-keung Tang
Location: Convention Hall A & B
Convention Hall A & B, Level 1, HKCEC
Soundscape and Noise Management - a Matter of Lifequality

Session Abstract

Soundscape is a construct of human perception, which is influenced by one’s socio-cultural background as well as by the acoustic environment in context. Soundscape research represents a paradigm shift from noise control policies towards a new, multidisciplinary approach. It involves not only physical measurements, but also the cooperation of humanity and social sciences to account for the diversity of soundscapes across countries and cultures, with more attention on how people actually experience the acoustic environments. It also shifts the consideration of environmental sounds to being a ’resource’ rather than a ’waste’. The soundscape approach is holistic, meaning the assessment of the acoustic environment is based on the contribution from different disciplines. According to the Soundscape concept, the meaning of sound, the composition of diverse sound sources, the listener’s attitude and expectations towards the acoustic environment are most important. Experiences of individuals with the acoustic environment are significant in completely comprehending the different perceptions and assessments of the environment. Moreover, lifestyle and socio-cultural background provide an important contribution in understanding one’s assessment of any acoustic environment. Every situation is different and the contribution of sound sources will vary. Therefore, when considering the built environment and modeling or analyzing dependencies within soundscapes, it may be useful go beyond sound sources by considering other sensory systems, visual aesthetics, geography, and social, psychological and cultural aspects. According to the ISO standard 12913-1, Soundscape includes the interrelationship between person and activity and place, in space and time, and may influence the acoustic environment through auditory sensation, its interpretation, and the responses to the acoustic environment. When it comes to noise management and urban planning, Soundscape research has the potential to promote healthy urban environments by sharing and incorporating the significant knowledge of all concerned parties.

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