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Session Overview
Keynote 1: Xin Zhang
Sunday, 27/Aug/2017:
17:00 - 18:00

Session Chair: Li Cheng
Location: Convention Hall A & B
Convention Hall A & B, Level 1, HKCEC
Computational Aeroacoustic Study of Leading Edge Noise

Session Abstract

The topic of the talk is noise produced by gusts or turbulence interacting with an airfoil, which can be found on sections of wings of aircraft, fans, blades and vanes on aero-engine, sections of wind turbine blades, to name a few. This problem is generally called leading edge noise problem in aeroacoustics. Leading edge noise problems have both scientific and engineering relevance. There are gaps in our physical understanding, such as the effect of non-uniform flow, and anisotropic turbulence, as well as a lack of reliable experimental database. Predictive methods (and design codes) based on uniform flow and isotropic gusts therefore cannot reliably be used for real engineering problems such as aero-engine fan-outlet guide vane (OGV) interaction. Our current state-of-art computational aeroacoustic (CAA) methods, when facing challenging and rich physics, need new, accurate and robust capabilities such as non-reflective boundaries and high quality computational grid tools. In this paper, we will review recent progress made on gust response of airfoil angle of attack, and camber, as well as effects of airfoil geometry on turbulence interaction noise. Specifically, the use of digital filter method to model the continuous spectra of realistic isotropic and anisotropic turbulence will be discussed. Development of a generic non-reflective characteristic boundary condition that is more effective than the widely used buffer-zone method, and more applicable than the far-field radiation condition, or the perfectly matched layer for leading edge noise problems, that is suitable for both acoustic and vertical disturbances will also be reviewed. Progress made in developing an accurate far-field sound extrapolation method will also be presented.

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