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WS16: Advanced airflow distribution methods for reduction cross infection
Tuesday, 14/June/2022:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Session Chair: Arsen Melikov
Session Chair: Risto Kosonen
Location: CA101

Session Abstract


At present total volume air distribution, primarily mixing ventilation, is most commonly applied in practice. The goal is to mix the supplied clean air with the polluted and most often warm room air and to obtain uniform temperature, humidity and contaminant distribution in the occupied zone of rooms. However, this strategy is inefficient. Clean and cool air is supplied far from occupants, typically from diffusers located on the ceiling and is mixed with the polluted and warm room air when it reaches the breathing zone of occupants. It is difficult to control the flow in the occupied zone and therefore often thermal discomfort is reported by occupants.

Occupant targeted ventilation (OTV) is the next, natural step in the development of air distribution practice in occupied spaces after mixing ventilation. The OTV is based on efficient methods and devices for air distribution as close as possible to the breathing zone of a single or group of occupants. Therefore, occupants breathe cleaner air compared with mixing ventilation. OTV has a higher potential for reduction the risk of airborne cross-infection compared with mixing ventilation. Furthermore, the energy consumption is reduced because of the clean air supply near the breathing zone of occupants and in some cases, use of source control, i.e. removal of polluted/infected exhaled air before it is mixed with the room air.


The main objective of this workshop is to present and discuss the Occupant Targeted Ventilation. Several OTV methods will be presented and their performance with regard to thermal comfort and inhaled air quality when focused on single or group of occupants will be reported. In addition, this workshop is to present the new REHVA Guidebook on Occupant Targeted Ventilation, to discuss the ongoing work and to collect suggestions for its improvement.


Opening: Occupant Targeted Ventilation

Arsen K. Melikov, Technical University of Denmark

Protected occupied zone ventilation

Guangyu Cao, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Micro-environment air distribution with individually controlled room systems

Risto Kosonen Aalto University


Questions and discussion

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ID: 717
Topics: 6a. Ventilation and air cleaning - Novel solutions (air distribution)
Keywords: air distribution, cross infection, ventilation efficiency, infection probability

Advanced airflow distribution methods for reduction cross infection

Chair(s): Risto Kosonen (Aalto University, Finland), Arsen Melikov (DTU, Denmark)

Presenter(s): Risto Kosonen (Aalto University), Arsen Melikov (DTU, Denmark), Guangyu Cao (NTNU)

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