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WS29: The Future of Indoor Aerosol Measurement – Sponsored by STC 12
Thursday, 16/June/2022:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Anita Avery
Location: CA102

Session Abstract


The indoor atmosphere is populated with a diverse spectrum of airborne particles (aerosols) that span in size from several nanometers to tens of micrometers. Indoor aerosols include abiotic and biological material of indoor and outdoor origin that vary widely in composition and morphology. Recent developments in state-of-the-art aerosol instrumentation, online mass spectrometry, and low-cost sensing technologies are advancing research on the measurement and characterization of aerosols in buildings.


The aim of this workshop is to identify current trends and future directions in indoor aerosol measurement. The workshop will begin with a series of presentations summarizing the efforts of an ongoing initiative by STC 12 members to envision how cutting-edge measurement techniques can improve our understanding of indoor aerosol science. The presentations will consider indoor aerosol measurement through the lens of aerosol physics, chemistry, biology, and low-cost monitoring. The workshop will then transition to a structured group discussion between STC 12 members and the audience to collect everyone’s thoughts and perspectives about instrumentation, sensing, and data processing needs to support the continued development of indoor aerosol research. The workshop discussion will focus on emerging themes in the field, such as online detection of airborne pathogens, distributed low-cost aerosol sensing networks for buildings, and characterization of ultrafine particles.


The Future of Indoor Aerosol Measurement: Introduction & Overview of Measurement Trends

Brandon E. Boor Purdue University

The Future of Indoor Aerosol Measurement: Physics

Brandon E. Boor Purdue University

The Future of Indoor Aerosol Measurement: Chemistry

Anita Avery Aerodyne Research Inc.

The Future of Indoor Aerosol Measurement: Biology

Dusan Licina & Martin Täubel EPFL & THL

The Future of Indoor Aerosol Measurement: Low-Cost Monitoring

James McGrath NUI Galway


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ID: 700
Topics: 5b. Monitoring of indoor air quality - Particles, fibres, 5c. Monitoring of indoor air quality - Analytics and sensors
Keywords: particulate matter, ultrafine particles, bioaerosols, low-cost sensors, instrumentation

The Future of Indoor Aerosol Measurement – Sponsored by STC 12

Chair(s): Anita Avery (Aerodyne Research Inc.)

Presenter(s): Anita Avery (Aerodyne Research Inc.), Brandon E. Boor (Purdue University), Dusan Licina (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)), James McGrath (National University of Ireland Galway), Martin Täubel (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare)

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