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Session Overview
WS21: Needs to revise ventilation guidelines and standards
Wednesday, 15/June/2022:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Bjarne Wilkens Olesen
Location: CA100

Session Abstract


This workshop is intended for the discussion on the needs to revise current ventilation guidelines and standards like EN 16798-1 and -2 based on new research results and methods. The topics to be discussed include the need to revise the recommended ventilation rates based on risk analysis related to air borne infections, and other health related topics, which are not so widely dealt with in current standards and guidelines. Other performance criteria for ventilation systems are presented and discussed. Important issues also include the control of ventilation rates by demand depending on the time, outdoor air quality and occupancy. Potential methods to improve ventilation and its energy efficiency will be presented and discussed. The aim of the workshop is to evaluate the feasibility of the new methods in practice and their potential to improve the health of the occupants. The list of references includes some background material on each topic area for the participants of the workshop.


The aim of the workshop is to get answers and recommendations on the questions presented. The revision of standards and many guidelines is ongoing, thus the results of the workshop can be utilised in the revision process. The discussion in will focus on the topics covered in the presentations.


Do we have health based metrics/criteria for the performance of ventilation?

Pawel Wargocki Technical University of Denmark

Should ventilation be designed to decrease air borne infections?

Jarek Kurnitski Tallinn University of Technology and Aalto University

To what extent air cleaning substitute ventilation? Risks and benefits?

Alireza Afshari Aalborg University

What are the most important improvements to be made in the European IAQ/IEQ and ventilation standard CEN 16798-1

Bjarne Olesen Technical University of Denmark

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ID: 1723
Topics: 8b. Cleaning, hygiene and prevention of disease transmission - Self-cleaning and antimicrobial surfaces, 10b. Mega-trends and indoor air quality - Climate change and indoor climate, 12. Regulation, standards, policy, guidelines, education
Keywords: standards, ventilation rates, ventilation effectiveness, ventilation criteria. cross contamnation

Needs to revise ventilation guidelines and standards

Chair(s): Olli Seppänen (Nordic Ventilation Group), Bjarne Olesen (DTU, Denmark)

Presenter(s): Jarek Kurnitski (Tallinn University of Technology), Aizera Afshari (Aalborg University), Bjarne Olesen (Technical University of Denmark), Pawel Wargocki (Technical University of Denmark)

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