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Session Overview
WS1: Low-cost sensors for VOC monitoring in indoor environments: why, how and what?
Monday, 13/June/2022:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Andreas Schütze
Location: CA100

Session Abstract


VOCs are considered as highly relevant for indoor air quality, but still our understanding is limited in part due to a lack of knowledge concerning exposures and resulting health effects. This is due to the high cost and low time resolution of state-of-the-art analytical measurements preventing extensive field studies in actual work or living environments. Low-cost sensors offer the potential for gaining deeper insight in this complex system of cause and effect by allowing measurements in many locations with high temporal resolution.

Recent developments in sensor technology, namely highly integrated digital multisensor systems using dynamic operation and complex data analysis, offer the potential for online measurement of a true TVOC value plus concentrations of various VOC classes and specific compounds. This also includes inorganic gases like CO and H2, which could also be indicators for specific indoor exposure situations.


The workshop will outline the demand for more comprehensive monitoring technologies allowing a better insight into the interplay between indoor air quality and health before demonstrating the performance and limitations of advanced low-cost gas sensor systems. The aim is then to discuss potential study designs making effective use of the available sensor technologies and linking them efficiently with analytical methods. We will also discuss the potential and limitations for personal exposure monitoring using wearable devices to achieve direct information on exposures in different indoor and outdoor environments. The goal is to initiate a better understanding and boost the collaboration between researchers in environmental and public health with those in sensor systems.

The workshop addresses a wide range of participants from academia and industry, especially people interested in extending IAQ monitoring with low-cost sensors to gain better insight into the causes and health effects of VOCs in indoor environments. Participants will gain a better understanding of sensor systems with emphasis on the opportunities for low-cost sensor solutions for IAQ and personal AQ monitoring using sensor systems with high time resolution. The workshop will also address the complementarity between sensor technologies and analytical methods for achieving a better understanding of VOC health effects.


Using continuous sensor data for epidemiological analysis of health symptoms

Martin Täubel and Kati Huttunen (tbc) THL, FI UEF, FI

High performance @ low cost: novel VOC sensor systems for IAQ monitoring

Caroline Schultealbert and Christian Bur 3S GmbH, D Saarland University, LMT, D

Personal exposure monitoring using wearable devices

Dusan Licina HOBEL, EPFL, CH


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ID: 718
Topics: 5a. Monitoring of indoor air quality - VOCs, and other gaseous contaminants
Keywords: Low-cost sensors, continuous monitoring, personal air quality monitoring

Low-cost sensors for VOC monitoring in indoor environments: why, how and what?

Chair(s): Andreas Schütze (Saarland University, Germany), Martin Täubel (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL))

Presenter(s): Christian Bur (Saarland University, Lab for Measurement Technology), Kati Huttunen (University of Eastern Finland (UEF)), Caroline Schultealbert (3S GmbH Sensors, Signal Processing, Systems), Dusan Licina (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL))

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