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Session Overview
WS2: Assessment of Burden of disease of indoor air pollution
Monday, 13/June/2022:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Corinne Mandin
Session Chair: Otto Hänninen
Location: CA101

Session Abstract


Environmental exposures are associated with a large variety of human diseases ranging from headaches and annoyance to cancer and premature death. Comparison of such risks and prioritization of preventive measures therefore cannot be based merely on incidence or prevalence rates. Quantitative risk characterizations must therefore be further processed.

Environmental burden of disease methodology, developed by World Health Organization, accounts for both years of life lost due to mortality as well as years lived with various disabilities. The latter are quantified using, besides the duration of the condition, a severity weight. Such weights are inherently value-loaded, but in practice the resulting environmental burden of disease estimates have been found useful.

Improved population health registries and harmonization of disease codes together with statistical methods such as population attributable fraction that can be estimated from epidemiological data, allow for rapid and comparable international assessments as demonstrated by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Recent estimates suggest that fine particles (PM2.5) are the leading environmental health risk in European countries by causing up to ten thousand non-discounted lost years of health per million people annually in the EU.


The aim of the workshop is to present a global overview of recent advancements in applying quantitative risk assessment methods such as burden disease on prioritizing indoor air issues, and to discuss gaps and needs for further studies and for a possible harmonization.


Introduction to the topic

Mandin, Corinne CSTB, France

Concentration response curves for assessment of health impact of ambient particulate matter – what is their relevance for indoor air exposures?

Bølling, Anette FHI, Norway

Burden of diseases of indoor air pollutants in urban China

Zhang Yinping Tsinghua University, China

Application of the BoD estimation approach to develop IAQ metric and health-based ventilation requirements

Wargocki, Pawel DTU, Denmark

Quantitative health impact assessment applied to schools’ indoor pollution

Hulin, Marion Sante Publique France

Considerations for updating European estimates of IABOD

Hänninen, Otto THL, Finland

Discussion on the ways forward

All participants

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ID: 355
Topics: 1a. Indoor air quality, health and wellbeing - Biologicals, gaseous, particles
Keywords: Burden of disease, risk assessment, health impact assessment, CRF

Assessment of Burden of disease of indoor air pollution

Chair(s): Otto Hänninen (THL, Finland), Corinne Mandin (CSTB, France)

Presenter(s): Corinne Mandin (CSTB, France), Anette Bølling (FHI, Norway), Yinping Zhang (Tsinghua U., China), Pawel Wargocki (DTU, Denmark), Marion Hulin (Sante Publique France), Otto Hänninen (THL, Finland)

ID: 1710 / WS2: 2
Extended abstracts / Full papers
Oral presentation
Topics: 1a. Indoor air quality, health and wellbeing - Biologicals, gaseous, particles, 12. Regulation, standards, policy, guidelines, education
Keywords: indoor air quality, quantitative health impact assessment, children, schools, public policies

Quantitative health impact assessment applied to schools’ indoor pollution: a tool to convince public authorities?

Marion Hulin1, Marie-Laure Bidondo1, Magali Corso1, Pauline Delezire1, Marie-Christine Delmas1, Sabine Host2, Mathilde Pascal1, Vérène Wagner1, Sylvia Medina1

1Santé publique France, French National Public Health Agency, Saint Maurice, France; 2Regional Health Observatory Île-de-France, Paris, France

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