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Session Overview
MC-B: Data-informed Decision Making in Professional Learning Networks: Data teams and students
Monday, 08/Jan/2024:
9:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Cindy Louise Poortman
Session Chair: Kim Schildkamp
Location: Maple Room

St. Mary's Building Merino Institute for Education Capacity 40

Session Abstract

How can we increase student learning in our school? How can we enhance the wellbeing of our students? How can we improve the information literacy of our students?

Data can help answer these type of questions. An effective way to use data to improve education is via data teams (professional learning networks (PLNs) engaged in data use). Collaboratively addressing challenges and ambitions by using data helps teachers and school leaders (and students) to better address students’ needs. Although results in terms of teacher learning and practice are promising, the use of data in data teams does not automatically lead to school improvement. In this masterclass we will describe what successful data use (in data teams) looks like, and we will address the key role of distributed leadership for successful data teams and PLNs. We will also go into the important role of students in the data use process, not only as sources of data but as active participants in the use of data. We will provide you with guidelines on how to use data in PLNs with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of education!

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