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Session Overview
Date: Monday, 08/Mar/2021
Plenary 1: Opening Session
K1: Keynote 1: Beatriz Pont and Armand Doucet
N1: Crisis Response in Education Network
Fireside Chat with Mel Ainscow, Armand Doucet & Beatriz Pont: Reflections on Responses to the Pandemic
IN01.P1.CR: Innovate
Zoom Host: Michal Malinowski
Second Zoom Host: Bernardine Mizzi

Building Bridges of Cooperation: Investigating the Usability and Efficiency of the Inventors’ Playground Project Based on Multicultural Collaborative Learning An Example of a New Design of Education in Response to the Pandemic Crisis

Karima Ouerjani1, Fatimazahra El Boussaidi2, Maria Pomianowska3, Michał Malinowski4

1: 30 July High School, Sidi Bennour, Morocco; 2: Ibn Sina Secondary School, Temara, Morocco; 3: Academy of Music, Krakow, Poland; 4: Storyteller Museum MuBaBao, Warsaw, Poland

Transition and Transformation - Bridging In-School And Virtual Learning During A Pandemic : Reculturing through Creativity, Collaboration, Commitment and Communication

Bernardine Mizzi1,2, Esmeralda Zerafa1,2, Grace Grima1,2

1: Chiswick House School; 2: St Martin's College

Paper 01.P1.CR: Paper Session
Zoom Host: Liesje Coertjens

Students’ Well-being And Self-efficacy Beliefs During The Covid-19 Crisis

Sébastien Dellisse1, Liesje Coertjens1, Noémie Baudoin1, Maïlis Gigi1, Dominique Lafontaine2, Ariane Baye2, Françoise Crépin2, Benoit Galand1

1: Université catholique de Louvain; 2: Université de Liège

GTC Scotland Supporting Teacher’s Health and Wellbeing in a Global Pandemic

Sharon Smith

General Teaching Council for Scotland, United Kingdom

Paper 02. P1.PLN: Paper Session 2
Zoom Host: Elske van den Boom-Muilenburg
Second Zoom Host: Cindy Louise Poortman

Key Actors Leading Knowledge Brokering Processes for Sustainable School Improvement with PLCs

Elske van den Boom-Muilenburg1, Cindy Poortman1, Alan Daly2, Kim Schildkamp1, Siebrich de Vries3, Joelle Rodway4, Klaas van Veen3

1: University of Twente, Netherlands, The; 2: University of California San Diego, United States of America; 3: University of Groningen, Netherlands, The; 4: Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Professional Learning Communities for Equity and Social Justice

Karen Ramlackhan

University of South Florida, United States of America

Paper 03.P1.EL: Paper Session 3
Zoom Host: David Kemethofer
Second Zoom Host: Niamh Hickey

Distributed leadership in post-primary schools: A Scoping Review mapping current empirical research

Niamh Hickey, Aishling Flaherty, Patricia Mannix McNamara

University of Limerick, Ireland

Investigating The Effects Of School Leadership In Austrian Primary Schools

David Kemethofer1, Christoph Helm2, Julia Warwas3

1: University College of Teacher Education Upper Austria, Austria; 2: University of Teacher Education Zug , Switzerland; 3: University Hohenheim, Germany

Network Leadership: The New Imperative of Education

Alma Harris1, Cecilia Azorín Abellán2, Michelle Jones1

1: Universtity of Swansea, UK; 2: University of Murcia, Spain

S01.P1.DU: Symposium
Zoom Host: Øystein Gilje
Second Zoom Host: Henning Fjørtoft

Using Multimodal Data In Education: Aligning Multiliteracies, Curriculum, And Assessment

Chair(s): Øystein Gilje (University of Oslo, Norway)


Presentations of the Symposium


Curriculum and Assessment Mismatch: Examining the Role of Images in Literacy Assessments

Fei Victor Lim
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Exploring Teachers’ Written Feedback in Digital Systems With a Focus on Strategies and Impact of the System’s Design

Anna Åkerfeldt
Stockholm University, Sweden


Tracing Multimodal Composition and Assessment Practices in Secondary Classrooms

Øystein Gilje
University of Oslo, Norway


Negotiating Alignment and Authenticity – Improving Assessment Data Collection in Vocational Education and Training

Henning Fjørtoft
Norwegian university of Science and Technology, Norway

S03.P1.PLN: Symposium
Zoom Host: Benjamin Yuet Man Li
Second Zoom Host: Benjamin Yuet Man Li

Professional Learning Networks in Hong Kong Schools Development

Chair(s): Paula Kwan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Hung Cheong, Morton Chan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)


Presentations of the Symposium


Self-financing Professional School Improvement Programmes under University-school Partnership

Hung Cheong, Morton Chan, Bik Yue, Beatrice Ho, Hoi Chi, Rosy Tsang
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Comprehensive School Improvement in Practice: Collaborative Actions for Middle Leaders’ Professional Development and Learning and Teaching Enhancement in Hong Kong

Chui Shan Tracy Wu, Hiu Tung Becky Cheung, Wing Ching Prudence Poon
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Comprehensive School Improvement in Practice: Challenges and Breakthrough of Facilitating Whole-person Development in Hong Kong

Ho Yee Pauline Chan, Chun Man Alice Lee
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Developing School Superintendents and Managers to Improve School Performance in Hong Kong

Paula Kwan, Yuet man Benjamin Li
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

S15.P1.DU: Symposium
Zoom Host: Sebastian Röhl
Second Zoom Host: Katharina Neuber

Using Student Feedback for the Development of Teacher Professionalization and Teaching Quality

Chair(s): Sebastian Röhl (University of Education Freiburg)

Discussant(s): Adrie J. Visscher (University of Twente)


Presentations of the Symposium


The Perception Problem: A Comparison of Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions of Instructional Quality

Benedikt Wisniewski1, Sebastian Röhl2
1Augsburg University, 2University of Education Freiburg


Effects of Student Feedback on Teaching Quality in Schools – a Meta-Analysis

Sebastian Röhl
University of Education Freiburg


Attitudes towards Student Feedback and its Use for Reflecting on Teaching – a Comparison of Attitudes of Pre-service Teachers in Germany and Switzerland

Kerstin Göbel1, Corinne Wyss2, Katharina Neuber1, Meike Raaflaub3
1University of Duisburg-Essen, 2University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, 3Zurich University of Teacher Education

IN04.P2.PLN: Innovate
Zoom Host: Judith Lindsay Halbert
Second Zoom Host: Barb Elaine Hamblett

Networks Of Inquiry Weaving The Ways: What Are We Learning? How Is It Going? Where To Next?

Judith Lindsay Halbert, Linda Kaser, David Martin, Natalie Mansour, Begonya Folch Martinez, Rebecca Sweeney, Verity Cane, Robyn Thorpe, Brooke Moore, Sarah Lockman, Catherine Ludwig, Victoria Ibanez Gonzalez

Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education, Canada

Being, Belonging, Becoming – Improving Transitions For Indigenous Learners

Judith Lindsay Halbert, Jana Fox, Angela Stott, Michelle Miller Gauthier, Barb Hamblett, Linda Kaser

Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education, Canada

IN09.P2.EL: Innovate
Zoom Host: Michelle Kathleen Schmidt

Impact of a Kindergarten Readiness Program on Student Preparedness and Teacher Perceptions of Student Preparedness, in Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Michelle Kathleen Schmidt1, Claire Egan2

1: School District No. 36 (Surrey), Canada; 2: Semiahmoo Behaviour Analysts Incorporated

Deaf or Hard of Hearing Children and Youth attending Neighbourhood Schools: Equitable access and Deaf Empowerment

Michelle Kathleen Schmidt

School District No. 36 (Surrey), Canada

IN11.P2.3P: Innovate
Zoom Host: Nadine Trépanier
Second Zoom Host: Stephanie McNeill

By Principals for Principals: Learning for Leading

Nadine Trépanier

Ontario Principals' Council, Canada

Strengthening Our School Safety Net: A Case Management Approach for Supporting In-Risk and Exceptional Learners

Stephanie McNeill, Greg Clark, Kelly Davy

Hamilton-Wentworth DSB, Canada

Paper 04.P2.DU: Paper Session 4
Zoom Host: Jitske de Vries
Second Zoom Host: Susanne Spiele

From Data Science to Data Use: From High Tech to Human Touch

Burcu Toptas1, Susanne Spiele1, Kim Schildkamp1, Alex J. Bowers2

1: University of Twente; 2: Teachers College, Columbia University

Misconceptions About Data-based Decision Making in Education: An Exploration of the Literature

Ellen B. Mandinach1, Kim Schildkamp2

1: WestEd, United States of America1; 2: University of Twente, Netherlands

Assessment Techniques and Students’ Ownership: Differences in Formative Assessment Practices between The Netherlands and Flanders

Jitske de Vries1, Roos Van Gasse2, Marieke van Geel1, Peter Van Petegem2, Adrie Visscher1

1: University of Twente, Netherlands, The; 2: University of Antwerp, Belgium

Paper 05.P2.CR: Paper Session 5
Zoom Host: Carmen Montecinos
Second Zoom Host: Sofia Brunner

School Inspection During and Post the COVID-19 Pandemic: Purposes, Priorities and Practices

Melanie Ehren1, Carmen Montecinos2, Christopher Chapman3

1: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; 2: Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile, Chile; 3: University of Glasgow

An On-line Comprehensive Assessment of Learning and Socioemotional Well-being for Chilean Students in Times of Covid-19

Marcela Huepe, Maximiliano Romero, Carolina Leyton, Sofia Brunner, Paz Cadena, Juan Bravo, Carolina Vidal

Agency for the Quality of Education, Chile

COVID-19 and Schooling: Evaluation, Assessment and Accountability in Times of Crises - Reacting Quickly to Explore Key Issues for Policy, Practice and Research with the School Barometer

Stephan Gerhard Huber, Christoph Helm, Marius Schwander, Paula Sophie Günther, Nadine Schneider, Julia Alexandra Schneider, Jane Pruitt

University of Teacher Education Zug, Switzerland

Paper 06.P2.EL: Paper Session 6
Zoom Host: Kathleen Copeland
Second Zoom Host: Leyton Schnellert

Teacher Voices: Informing Educational Leadership Development for Twenty-First Century Schools in the MENA Region

Kathleen Copeland, Hilary Mead, Ahlam Musa

University of Delaware, United States of America

Connection, Communication and Care during Locked-down Leadership

Fiona Longmuir

Monash University, Australia

Growing Innovation across Rural Sites of Learning: Openings, Serendipity, and Generativity

Leyton Schnellert1, Donna Kozak2, Mehjabeen Datoo3, Miriam Miller1, Graham Giles4

1: University of British Columbia, Canada; 2: University of British Columbia - Okanagan, Canada; 3: University of Toronto, Canada; 4: York University, Canada

RT01:P2: Roundtable
Zoom Host: Alaa Azan
Second Zoom Host: Zuhra Abawi

Documenting the Lived Experiences of Students and Parents in Ontario Tutoring Centers.

Alaa Azan

University of Ottawa, Canada

Deconstructing Development: Reconceptualizing Early Childhood through a Critical Race Approach

Zuhra Abawi

Niagara University, Canada

S04.P2.CR: Symposium
Zoom Host: Trista Hollweck
Second Zoom Host: Mélissa Villella

Lessons from COVID-19: Perspectives from UNICEF, the OECD, and ARC Education Project.

Chair(s): Andy Hargreaves (ARC Education Project)

Discussant(s): Andy Hargreaves (ARC Education Project)


Presentations of the Symposium


Lessons learned from the Education Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis: Policy Implications

Robert Jenkins, Janet Lennox, Nicolas Reuge


Taking the Panic out of the Pandemic: What the ARC Education Project has Learned about Supporting Educational Systems during the COVID-19 crisis.

Trista Hollweck1, Richard Barwell2
1ARC Education Project, 2University of Ottawa


Implementing COVID-19 Education responses: an OECD perspective

Beatriz Pont

S05.P2.CR: Symposium
Zoom Host: Jerome De Lisle
Second Zoom Host: Murella Sambucharan

The Caribbean Experience of Public Examinations in a Time of Crisis

Chair(s): Jerome De Lisle (The UWI)


Presentations of the Symposium


Are Public Examinations a Constraint on System Improvement? Lessons Learned in a Pandemic

Jerome De Lisle


Do We Even Need a Placement Examination in a Pandemic? The Trinidad and Tobago 11+ in Crisis

Nalini Ramsawak-Jodha, Nirmala Ramnarine-Sinanan, Tracey Lucas


When Trust in a Public Examination Agency Erodes: CXC and the CAPE/CSEC 2020 Debacle

Carla Kronberg, Murella Sambucharan, Nicola Mark

S06.P2.PLN: Symposium
Zoom Host: Lorna Maxine Earl
Second Zoom Host: Joelle Rodway

Problematizing and Possibilizing Educational Improvement Networks

Chair(s): Lorna Earl (Independent)

Discussant(s): Carol Campbell (University of Toronto)


Presentations of the Symposium


When Seekers Reap Rewards and Providers Pay a Price: The Role of Resource Exchange and Discussion Utility in Improving Practice

Rachel Cann1, Claire Sinnema1, Yi-Hwa Liou2, Alan Daly3, Joelle Rodway4
1The University of Auckland, 2National Taipei University of Education, 3The University of California, San Diego, 4Memorial University


A Theory of Action Account of Across-School Collaboration

Claire Sinnema1, Darren Hannah1, Alex Finnerty2, Alan Daly3
1The University of Auckland, 2Independent, 3The University of California, San Diego


Bridging Social Capital: The Role of Network Intentionality within Systems of Communities of Learning

Yi-Hwa Liou1, Claire Sinnema2, Alan Daly3, Joelle Rodway4, Hamish Chalmers2, Darren Hannah2, Rachel Cann2
1National Taipei University of Education, 2The University of Auckland, 3The University of California, San Diego, 4Memorial University


Flourishing in Networks: The Role of Collective Efficacy and Collaboration in Supporting Wellbeing

Alan Daly1, Peter Bjorklund1, Jeffery Brooks2, Anita Caduff1, Melanie Brooks1, Nicola Sum3, Matthew Sinclair2
1The University of California, San Diego, 2RMIT, 3Monash University

SL1: Spotlight on New Zealand
Zoom Host: Claire Sinnema
Innovation Through Diversity
K2: Keynote 2: Eva Kyndt
The challenges of networking in Educational Sciences
Date: Tuesday, 09/Mar/2021
K3: Pak Tee Ng
Timely Change and Timeless Constants: the Singapore Story
IN03.P3.EL: Innovate
Zoom Host: Robyn Whittaker
Second Zoom Host: Andrew Wambua

Africa Voices Dialogues - Co-creating Spaces of Belonging for African Educators and Learners

Robyn Whittaker1, Abdelaziz Zohri1, Andrew Wambua1, Karima Kadaoui2

1: Africa Voices Dialogues, South Africa; 2: Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development

Disrupting Boundaries To Build Bridges

Sinead Gormally, Helen Martin, Lauren Boath, Jennifer Farrar, Joyce Nicholson

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

IN05.P3.PLN: Innovate
Zoom Host: Mireia Xortó Prados
Second Zoom Host: Begonya Folch

Development of a Sustainability Tool of Educational Interventions

Anne Tappel, Cindy L. Poortman, Kim Schildkamp, Adrie J. Visscher

University of Twente, Netherlands, The

Learning at the School that Learns: A collaborative inquiry team

Mireia Xortó Prados, Begonya Folch Martínez

Catalan Ministry of Education, Spain

Paper 07.P3.3P: Paper Session 7
Zoom Host: Rania Sawalhi
Second Zoom Host: Alison Drever

Future Missing – The German Social-Exclusion Dilemma And Crisis-Responding Educational Policies

Astrid Loff

PH Ludwigsburg/Ludwigsburg University of Education, Germany

Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland: A Place-based Approach Working Across Boundaries To Tackle Social And Educational Inequity.

Alison Drever, Kevin Lowden, Chris Chapman, Sarah Ward

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Developing Student Teachers’ TPACK-practical Knowledge and Practices: The Influence of an SQD-based Practicum Experience

Youmen Chaaban1, Rania Sawalhi2

1: Azm University; 2: Qatar univ

Paper 08.P3.CR: Paper Session 8
Zoom Host: Paul Campbell
Second Zoom Host: Sara Romiti

School Strategies during Shutdown – Has there been any Change at all?

Enikö Zala-Mezö, Johanna Egli

Zurich University of Teacher Education

Families´ Views of the Teaching-learning Process in the Context of the Covid19 Pandemic: Exploring Critical Issues from a Comparison Between Chile, England and Italy

Romina Madrid Miranda1, Sara Romiti2, Jon Barr3

1: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile; 2: INVALSI National Institute for the Evaluation of the Educational System of Instruction and Training; 3: St Barnabas C of E Primary School (City of Bristol)

Reconceptualising Collaboration in the context of Crisis Response and Systemic Improvement

Paul Campbell

ESF Sha Tin Junior School/ University of Glasgow, Hong Kong S.A.R. (China)

Paper 09.P3.EL: Paper Session 9
Zoom Host: Mateja Brejc

Leading Professional Learning Networks. The Experiences And Needs Of Headteachers In Slovenia.

Mateja Brejc

National School for Leadership in Education, Slovenia

Linking Principal Leadership to Student Achievement: Evidence from Turkey

Nedim Özdemir1, Feyza Gün2, Ahmet Yirmibeş3

1: Ege University, Turkey; 2: Karamanoglu Mehmetbey University, Turkey; 3: Bartın University, Turkey

Surviving COVID-19 and Ensuring Digital Access to Education in Extreme Poverty Contexts

Cecilia Azorín1, Cristóbal Ruiz-Román2, Jesús Juárez2, Lorena Molina3

1: University of Murcia, Spain; 2: University of Malaga, Spain; 3: Association Chavorrillos

S07.P3.EL: Symposium
Zoom Host: Nina Bremm
Second Zoom Host: Esther Dominique Klein

Working Towards Equity While Dealing with Crisis? The COVID-19 Pandemic and Leadership at Schools Serving Disadvantaged Communities

Chair(s): Nina Bremm (Zurich University of Teacher Education)

Discussant(s): Nina Bremm (Zurich University of Teacher Education)


Presentations of the Symposium


Leading Schools in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Changing Practices and Orientations

Isabel Dean1, Laura Beckmann2, Sabrina Rutter2
1University of Siegen, 2University of Duisburg-Essen


Lowering Expectations, Lowering Requirements? Educational Goals of Schools Serving Disadvantaged Communities during COVID-19 and Distance Learning

Esther Dominique Klein1, Livia Jesacher-Rößler2
1University of Marburg, 2University of Innsbruck


Collegial Leading in Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Orientations of Teachers with Functional Positions in School Improvement Processes

Tobias Dohmen1, Kathrin Racherbäumer2, Michael Stralla1
1University of Cologne, 2University of Siegen

S18.P3.DU: Symposium
Zoom Host: Trynke Keuning
Second Zoom Host: Hannah Bijlsma

Student Perceptions of Teaching Quality Put to the Test

Chair(s): Hannah Bijlsma (Department for teacher professionalization. University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands)

Discussant(s): Richard Göllner (University of Tübingen, Germany Hector Institute for Empirical Research on Education)


Presentations of the Symposium


Effects of Student Composition on Teaching Quality: Implications for the Validity of Student Ratings

Benjamin Fauth1, Cansu Atlay2, Hanna Dumont3, Jasmin Decristan4
1Institute for Educational Analysis (IBBW) and University of Tübingen, Germany, 2LEAD Graduate School & Research Network, Germany, 3DIPF | Leibniz-Institut für Bildungsforschung und Bildungsinformation, Germany, 4Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany


Exploring Student Perceptions of Differentiated Instruction

Marieke Van Geel1, Trynke Keuning2
1Department for teacher professionalization. University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, 2University of Applied Sciences, KPZ, Zwolle, The Netherlands


A Comparison of the Teaching Quality Perspectives of School Inspectors, Students, and Teachers

Adrie Visscher, Hannah Bijlsma
Department for teacher professionalization. University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands

N2: Data Use Network
Building Bridges Based on Data
OP1: ICSEI Dialogic
Zoom Host: Trista Hollweck
Second Zoom Host: Paul Campbell
Discussion hosted by the ICSEI Communications & Knowledge Sharing Committee (co-editors Paul Campbell, Trista Hollweck and Joelle Rodway)
IN02.P4.EL: Innovate
Zoom Host: Karen JoAnn Martin
Second Zoom Host: James Noonan

Learning About Leadership From The Pandemic Experience of Rural Alaska

Karen Martin, Dan Polta

Denali Borough School District, United States of America

(Re-)Learning to Lead: Helping Educators Manage Crises of Professional Identity and Loss

James Noonan

Salem State University, United States of America

IN06.P4.PLN: Innovate
Zoom Host: Terry Ellen Taylor
Second Zoom Host: Leyton Schnellert

How Can I Help? Networking to Develop Critical Skills for Today’s School Improvement Coach

Mike Siebersma1, Danette Parsley1, Ceri Dean2

1: Marzano Research, USA; 2: Dean Education Consulting, USA

Educational Transformation through an Equity Lens: Collaborating to Engage All Learners

Terry Ellen Taylor1, Schnellert Leyton2

1: School District 10, Canada; 2: University of British Columbia, Canada

IN13.P4.EL: Innovate
Zoom Host: Luciana Maria Cardarelli

Building Communication Bridges in a Virtual World

Luciana Maria Cardarelli, Jan Murphy

Catholic Principals' Council of Ontario, Canada

Paper 10.P4.3P: Paper Session 10
Zoom Host: Dennis Shirley
Second Zoom Host: Nick Johns

Student Engagement: Beyond Relevance, Technology, and Fun

Dennis Lynn Shirley1, Andy Hargreaves2

1: Boston College; 2: University of Ottawa

Unleashing the Power of the Collective in Education

Tom Bentley1, Aarushi Singhania1, Suzanne Cridge2

1: RMIT University, Australia; 2: Social Ventures Australia

Creating Inviting School Cultures During Covid-19: The role of the principal

Corinne Brion

University of Dayton, United States of America

Paper 11.P4.CR: Paper Session 11
Zoom Host: Lydia Lymperis
Second Zoom Host: Nicolette van Halem

From Crisis To Opportunity: Creating Niches of Possibility In Conventional Schooling

Thomas Hatch

Teachers College, Columbia University, United States of America

Beyond 'Panic and Crisis Schooling': Towards 'Deep Learning' in a Hybrid Model for Rural Primary Schools

Lydia Lymperis

Newcastle University, United Kingdom

How school leaders sustain improvement efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic: Insights from a Research Practice Partnership

Nicolette van Halem1, Prof. Dr. Alan J. Daly2, Dr. Marie Lockton2, Dr. Yi-Hwa Liou3, Dr. Devin Vodicka4, Dr. David Vannasdall5

1: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands, The; 2: University of California, San Diego; 3: National Taipei University of Education; 4: Altitude Learning; 5: Arcadia Unified School District

Paper 12.P4.EC: Paper Session 12
Zoom Host: Leanne Ketterlin Geller
Second Zoom Host: Jacky Tyrie

Measuring The Impact Of COVID-19 On Early Education And Care In The UK: Perspectives Of Teachers and Practitioners

Jacky Tyrie, Tom Crick, Helen Lewis, Cathryn Knight

Swansea University, United Kingdom

Working With Animals And Children In The Early Years: An International Study On Practices, Perceptions And Pragmatics.

Helen E Lewis1, Cathryn Knight2

1: Swansea University, United Kingdom; 2: Swansea University, United Kingdom

Using Teacher-Centered Design to Build Equitable Outcomes in Mathematics for Young Learners

Jennifer McMurrer, Robyn Pinilla, Leanne Ketterlin Geller, Alain Mota, Cassandra Hatfield

Southern Methodist University, United States of America

Paper 27.P4.DU: Paper Session 27
Zoom Host: Priyanka Donald Pereira
Second Zoom Host: Kim Schildkamp

Development and Validation of a Comprehensive Questionnaire to Assess Students’ Motivation in the Context of Peer Feedback in Higher Education

Priyanka Donald Pereira, Dr. Kim Schildkamp, Prof. Dr. Ir. Bernard Veldkamp, Dr. Maaike Heitink

University of Twente, Netherlands, The

Buttresses for Building Bridges to connect Digitalisation and Education: Teacher Professional Development and Support Systems for School Development

Lara-Idil Engec, Manuela Endberg

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Implications of Teacher Evaluation for Professional Capacity in Four Countries


University of Minnesota, United States of America

RT02:P4: Roundtable
Zoom Host: Paige Fisher
Second Zoom Host: Rachel Moll

COVID-19 Response: An Opportunity to Build Bridges Across K-12 and Post-Secondary Institutions in Coastal British Columbia, Canada

Paige Fisher, Marian Riedel, Rachel Moll, Riki Cox, Alison Taplay, Leif Rasmussen, Colin Pybus, Luan Arbuckle

Vancouver Island University, Canada

Whose allowed to teach? Troubling White Privilege in Education Leadership: An Ontario Perspective

Zuhra Abawi

Niagara University, Canada

S02.P4.CR: Symposium
Zoom Host: Mauricio Pino-Yancovic
Second Zoom Host: Paul Armstrong

Working and Learning Together: International Experiences of School Networks to Overcome COVID-19 Educational Challenges

Chair(s): Christopher Chapman (University of Glasgow, Scotland)

Discussant(s): Carol Campbell (University of Toronto, Canada)


Presentations of the Symposium


The creation of Hub Schools in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic: Example of Accelerated Change and Multi-disciplinary Collaboration in the Scottish System

Joanne Neary
University of Glasgow, Scotland


In and Between Schools Collaboration and its Effects on Learners’ Performance in Kenya

Andrew Kitavi Wambua
University of Heidelberg, Germany


The Development of School-to-school Collaborative Arrangements in a Centralized Context

Sotiria Kanavidou
University of Southampton, England


Collaboratively Navigating through Inquiry in Education two Competitive Systems: School Networks in England and Chile

Paul Armstrong1, Mauricio Pino-Yancovic2
1University of Manchester, England, 2University of Chile, Chile

S08.P4.EL: Symposium
Zoom Host: Judith Lindsay Halbert

Developing Inquiry Leadership During A Pandemic – Five Perspectives From Canada To Sweden

Chair(s): Judy Halbert (University of British Columbia), Linda Kaser (University of British Columbia)

Discussant(s): Louise Stoll (UCL Institute of Education)


Presentations of the Symposium


Building a Supportive Leadership Model

Lisa Carson
Kamloops Thompson School District


Building School And District Leadership Competencies During A Pandemic – The Silver Linings

Nancy Gordon, Brad Bauman
Delta School District


Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

Nicole Morgan1, Paula Thompson2
1Yukon Department of Education, 2Yukon De[artmnet of Education


Leading An Inquiry Based School Development Program On Remote

Lillemor Rehnberg, Ingela Netz
Uppsala University

S09.P4.DU: Symposium
Zoom Host: Marieke van Geel
Second Zoom Host: Jitske de Vries

Professional Decision-Making in Education

Chair(s): Kristin Vanlommel (Hogeschool Utrecht)

Discussant(s): Milan Pol (Masaryk University)


Presentations of the Symposium


Modelling Educational Systems: a Way to Improve Practitioner Decision Making?

Chris Brown, Peter Tymms
Durham University School of Education


Data Ethics in Education: A Theoretical, Practical, and Policy Issue

Ellen Mandinach1, Jo Beth Jimerson2
1WestEd, USA, 2Texas Christian University, USA


Development of Schools’ Data Culture during a School-Wide Data-Based Decision Making Intervention

Marieke van Geel1, Trynke Keuning2
1University of Twente, 2KPZ University of Applied Science

K4: Keynote 4: Pasi Sahlberg and Rachel Cowper
Building Back Better: Play-based Learning for School Improvement and Effectiveness
N3: Network Session: 3P Network
The Future of Education: Student Voices and Reflections from Policy Makers
Network Session: Early Childhood Education and Care
Early Childhood Education and Care Network
Date: Wednesday, 17/Mar/2021
K5: Keynote 5: Peter Tymmsa and Ilina Avanova
Impressive Advances in Educational Research but Little Substantive Impact
Paper 13.P5.3P: Paper Session 13
Zoom Host: Charlaine Simpson

Scotland’s Professional Standards for teachers: The Challenges and Opportunities of National Engagement and Development

Charlaine Simpson

General Teaching Council for Scotland, United Kingdom

Culturally Proficient Professional Development and Learning Transfer

Corinne Brion

University of Dayton, United States of America

Paper 15.P5.PLN: Paper Session 15
Zoom Host: Emma Adams

School Networks for educational change in the City of Barcelona

Jordi Díaz-Gibson1, Mireia Civis Zaragoza2, Marta Comas Sabat3, Imma Adell Meseguer4

1: Ramon Llull University, Spain; 2: Ramon Llull University, Spain; 3: Consortium of Education City of Barcelona, Spain; 4: Consortium of Education City of Barcelona, Spain

Collaboration and Transfer in Multi-Actor School Networks – Crossing Boundaries and Creating Opportunities for Professional Learning Addressing Education in a Digital World, Schools Facing Challenging Circumstances and Education for Sustainable Development

Marco Hasselkuß1, Anna Heinemann2, Manuela Endberg1

1: University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, Working Group on Educational Research; 2: University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, LearningLab

Collaboration During COVID-19 – Exploring How a School PLC Can Continue to Develop When Faced With a Crisis.

Emma Adams

British School of Brussels, Belgium

Paper 25.P5.EL: Paper Session 25
Zoom Host: Pierre Tulowitzki

Using ICT For School Leadership And Management - Results From A Multi-Perspective Study

Pierre Tulowitzki1, Julia Gerick2

1: University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Switzerland; 2: TU Braunschweig, Germany

Distance Learning – when the unthinkable becomes conceivable

Jörg Berger

Association of School Principals Switzerland VSLCH, Switzerland

S10.P5.CR: Symposium

Exploring Educational Systems in the Pandemic Era: Policy, Leadership and Praxis in Four MENA Countries

Chair(s): Khalid Arar (Texas State University), Abdellatif Sellami (Qatar University)

Discussant(s): Abdellatif Sellami (Qatar University)


Presentations of the Symposium


Education in Kuwait during the pandemic: A policy perspective

Ibrahim Alhouti
UCL Institute of Education


Senior School Leaders’ Instructional Leadership in Qatar During the Pandemic

Rania Sawalhi
Qatar University


Exploring leadership in times of emergency: The case of Moroccan Education during COVID-19

Abdelaziz Zohri
ENCG Settat, University Hassan First of Settat


Exploring Teachers’ Professional Agency Within Shifting Educational Contexts: A Case of Lebanon

Youmen Chaaban
Azm University

S11.P5.DU: Symposium
Zoom Host: Marieke van Geel
Second Zoom Host: Marlies Venhuizen-ter Beek

A Multi-Perspective Approach Towards Lecturer Professional Development For Educational Innovation With IT

Chair(s): Kim Schildkamp (University of Twente)

Discussant(s): Joke Voogt (University of Amsterdam)


Presentations of the Symposium


Theory Of Effective Professional Development: Building Blocks From Literature

Dorien Hopster-den Otter1, Marlies Ter Beek1, Marieke Van Geel2, Kim Schildkamp2
1University of Twente, Surf, 2University of Twente


Practice Of Professional Development: The Development, Implementation And Evaluation Of A Professionalization Program

Dorien Hopster-den Otter1, Marlies Ter Beek1, Marieke Van Geel2
1University of Twente, Surf, 2University of Twente


Policy For Professional Development: An Instrument for Integral Embedding PD

Dorien Hopster-den Otter1, Marlies Ter Beek1, Marieke Van Geel2
1University of Twente, Surf, 2University of Twente

SL3: Spotlight on Africa
Zoom Host: Lynda Frazer
Second Zoom Host: Kim Schildkamp
Crossing the African Boundaries and Building Bridges with the Rest of the World
N4: MoREI Network Session
SL2: Spotlight Session: Generational Renewal, Inclusion and Diversity (GRID)
Dr. Tasha Ausman, Dr. Adil Bentahar, & Dr. Troy Heffernan: Leveraging Lessons From the Pandemic to Improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
IN10.P6.3P: Innovate
Zoom Host: Deborah Corinne Koehn

Koh-Learning In The Nechako Watershed: Honouring Seasonal Voices Among Youth, Communities and Waterways

Deborah Corinne Koehn1, Margot Parkes2, Barry Booth2

1: Vancouver Island University; 2: University of Northern British Columbia

How Are Relational And Place-based Experiences Of Deeper Learning For Educators, Students And Communities Empowering Students To Act As Agents Of Change

Deborah Corinne Koehn1, Mia Moutray2

1: School District 91/Vancouver Island University, Canada; 2: School District 91, Nechako Lakes, BC

Paper 16.P6.CR: Paper Session 16
Zoom Host: Brandon Dickson
Second Zoom Host: Venesser Fernandes

Agility In Leadership Amid The Pandemic An Exploration Of School Principals’ Experience

Venesser Fernandes1, Michael Noonan2, Winnie Wong2, Pei Yi Wang2

1: Monash University, Australia; 2: Independent Schools Victoria

An Equitable Mathematics Intervention to Support Learning During COVID-19

Brandon Dickson, Kyla Johnson, Donna Kotsopoulos

Western University Faculty of Education, Canada

Paper 17.P6.DU: Paper Session 17
Zoom Host: Amanda Datnow

When Data Use Raises Equity and Ethical Dilemmas in Schools

Amanda Datnow1, Marie Lockton2, Hayley Weddle3

1: UC San Diego, United States of America; 2: UC San Diego, United States of America; 3: UC San Diego, United States of America

Curriculum in Flux: A Practitioner’s Journey of Understanding the Impacts of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the Indigenization of Social Studies Curriculums in British Columbia

Victor Brar

Surrey School District/ UBC, Canada

Paper 18.P6.EL: Paper Session 18
Zoom Host: Maria Kaparou

School Leadership and School Development in Context: Understanding Conditions and Prerequisites for Quality Development in Schools in Challenging Circumstances

Stephan Gerhard Huber, Marius Schwander, Christoph Helm, Julia Alexandra Schneider, Jane Pruitt

University of Teacher Education Zug, Switzerland

An Exploration of Senior Leader’s Identity in Schools in Challenging Contexts in England and Power Dynamics of School Unit Leaders with MAT Leaders to Secure School Improvement

Maria Kaparou

University of Southampton, United Kingdom

I Became The Principal Of A Disadvantaged School... Right In The Middle Of A Pandemic!

Luis Felipe de la Vega

Universidad de Chile, Chile

Paper 26.P6.EL: Paper Session 26

Exploring Intersections of Student Voice, Educational Leadership and Educational Change

Fiona Longmuir

Monash University, Australia

Changing Cultural Norms Through Education: Voices from women Ghanaian principals

Corinne Brion

University of Dayton, United States of America

Bridging the Gap Between Principal Time Use and Gender Time Demand Imbalances

Megan L. Hauser, Craig Hochbein, Natania Lipp, Claire Siepser

Lehigh University, United States of America

Paper 28.P6.EL: Paper Session 28
Zoom Host: Ann Lopez

Leading Well-being Efforts in Higher Education: A Case Study

Vicki Squires, Chad London

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Swimming Upstream: School Principals Navigating the Realities of Covid-19 Pandemic

Ann Lopez1, Jackie Button2

1: OISE University of Toronto; 2: Halton District School Board

RT03:P6: Roundtable
Zoom Host: Marie Lois Roth
Second Zoom Host: Nadine Trépanier

Characteristics of Effective High Impact Principal Preparation Programs: an International Perspective

Jenny Lewis1, Professor Shelby Cosner2, Jessica Cihal3, Dr Jennifer Davies4, Mihaela Zavašnik5, Ann O’Doherty6, Nadine Trépanier-Bisson7

1: University of Southern Queensland; 2: University of Illinois Chicago Center for Urban Education Leadership; 3: New York City Leadership Academy; 4: Association of Independent Schools New South Wales; 5: Slovenia National School of Leadership in Education; 6: University of Washington; 7: Ontario Principals Council

Preparing Teachers for 21st Century Schools: Teachers and University Educators Collaborating Professionally to Create Innovative Learning Environments for Future Teachers

Britta Klopsch1, Anne Sliwka2, Matti Rautiainen3, Emma Kostiainen3, Jo Fletcher4, Chris Astall4

1: KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany; 2: Heidelberg University, Germany; 3: University of Jyväskylä, Finland; 4: University of Canterbury, New Zealand

S12.P6.PLN: Symposium
Zoom Host: Leyton Schnellert
Second Zoom Host: Judith Lindsay Halbert

Equity-oriented Professional Learning Networks (PLNs): Decentering Dominant Ways of Knowing

Chair(s): Sara Florence Davidson (Simon Fraser University), Leyton Schnellert (University of British Columbia)

Discussant(s): Carol Campbell (University of Toronto)


Presentations of the Symposium


Professional Learning Networks For District Leaders: Advancing Collective Expertise & Leadership for Learning

Catherine McGregor1, Linda Kaser2, Judy Halbert2
1University of Victoria, 2University of British Columbia


Welcoming Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Sara Florence Davidson1, Leyton Schnellert2, Bonny-Lynn Donovan3
1Simon Fraser University, 2University of British Columbia, 3University of British Columbia - Okanagan


Supporting Academic Teachers to Include Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Secondary Schools

Shelley Moore, Deborah Butler, Leyton Schnellert
University of British Columbia


Through a Different Lens: Increasing Success for “At-Risk” Learners through Situated, Collaborative Inquiry

Leyton Schnellert1, Judith King2, Todd Manuel2
1University of British Columbia, 2School District No. 67

S13.P6.3P: Symposium
Zoom Host: Gloria Sarmento
Second Zoom Host: Louise Stoll

Harnessing Schools As Learning Organisations To Realise System Change During And Beyond Times Of Covid-19

Chair(s): Louise Stoll (UCL Institute of Education, London), Claire Sinnema (University of Auckland)

Discussant(s): Michael Schratz (University of Innsbruck)


Presentations of the Symposium


Realising Curriculum Change Through Schools As Learning Organisations In Times Of Crisis

Louise Stoll1, Claire Sinnema2
1UCL Institute of Education, 2University of Auckland


Building Bridges to Deepen Collaboration Through Schools As Learning Organisations

Arwyn Thomas, Ruth Thackray, Euros Davies, Stella Gruffydd, Sioned Thomas, Claire Rowlands
Gwasanaeth Effeithioirwydd (GwE) Regional Consortia, North Wales


Schools As Learning Organisations In The Delta School District: A Powerful Lens For Sustaining A Focus On Student Outcomes In Uncertain And Challenging Times

Nancy Gordon, Brad Bauman
Delta School District, British Columbia


How Does Surrey School District’s Vision Become Action? Schools As Learning Organisations As An Opportunity To Create Connections Between Departments In A Large District In Challenging Times

Lynda Reeve1, Gloria Sarmento2
1Surrey School District, British Columbia, 2Surrey School District

K6: Keynote 6: Georgeta Ion
Achieving Teachers' Research Capacity Through School-University Collaboration: An Experience in Spanish Primary Schools
N5: Network Session: Professional Learning Networks
Network Meeting
Date: Thursday, 18/Mar/2021
K7: Keynote 7: Nikita Pate
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Education in Pakistan
IN07.P7.DU: Innovate
Zoom Host: Andrew J Martin
Second Zoom Host: Xiangqing John Meng

A Case Study Of Agency - Aligning school, teacher and student self-assessment

Christine Cawsey

Rooty Hill High School, Australia

Optimising High School Students’ Effort

Robin P. Nagy, Andrew J. Martin, Rebecca J. Collie

UNSW, Australia

IN12.P7.EC: Innovate
Zoom Host: Louise van Rhyn

Cross-Sector Collaboration to Strengthen Leadership Capacity in Under-resourced Schools

Louise van Rhyn

Symphonia for South Africa, South Africa

Paper 14.P7.DU: Paper Session 14
Zoom Host: Jitske de Vries
Second Zoom Host: Christel Wolterinck

Assessment for Learning: The impact of a Professional Development Programme on Students’ Metacognitive Strategies.

Christel Wolterinck, Jitske de Vries, Cindy Poortman, Kim Schildkamp, Adrie Visscher

University of Twente, Netherlands, The

The Impact of an Assessment for Learning Teacher Professional Development Programme on Student Learning

Jitske de Vries1, Andria Dimosthenous2, Kim Schildkamp1, Adrie Visscher1

1: University of Twente, Netherlands, The; 2: University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Paper 19.P7.MR: Paper Session 19
Zoom Host: Pauline Thompson

Leadership to Enhance Growth in Student Learning

Pauline Thompson, Helen Stokes

The University of Melbourne, Australia

Birds of a Feather Flock Together? Differential Effects of Homophily in Students’ Friendships Regarding Special Educational Needs, Gender and Immigrant Background

Hannah Decker, Katja Scharenberg, Sebastian Röhl, Wolfram Rollett

University of Education Freiburg, Germany

Culturally Proficient Leadership: Equipping Leaders to Serve Refugee and Immigrant Students

Corinne Brion

University of Dayton, United States of America

Paper 20.P7.EL: Paper Session 20

Learning From The Coronavirus Emergency: Focus On Adaptation, Restructuration And Innovation Of The Education System _

STEFANIA CAPOGNA1, Maria Chiara De Angelis2, Flaminia Musella3

1: Digital Technologies, Education & Society Research Centre at Link Campus University, Italy; 2: Digital Technologies, Education & Society Research Centre at Link Campus University, Italy; 3: Digital Technologies, Education & Society Research Centre at Link Campus University, Italy

Paper 21.P7.PLN: Paper Session 21
Zoom Host: Cindy Louise Poortman
Second Zoom Host: Chris Brown

Policy Approaches to Support Collaborative Networking in Education: An International Perspective

Cecilia Azorín Abellán1, Beatriz Pont2

1: University of Murcia, Spain; 2: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Facilitating Collaborative Reflective Inquiry Amongst Teachers in PLNs: What Do We Currently Know?

Chris Brown1, Cindy Poortman2, Helen Gray1, Jana Gross Ophoff3

1: University of Durham, United Kingdom; 2: University of Twente, Netherlands; 3: University of Tübingen, Germany

Fostering Professional Learning Networks Through Online Collaborative Learning: The Value Case

Sara Romiti1, Maria Ranieri2, Donatella Poliandri1

1: INVALSI, Italy; 2: Università di Firenze, Italy

S14.P7.CR: Symposium
Zoom Host: Scott Lavery
Second Zoom Host: Louise Foreman

The Response of Education Scotland to the Pandemic

Chair(s): Lesley Whelan (Education Scotland)


Presentations of the Symposium


Re-imagining Professional Learning and Leadership Learning in Response to the Pandemic

Andrew Travis
Education Scotland


Locality Working to Support Recovery, Quality and Improvement in Scottish Education

Scott Lavery
Education Scotland


Scottish digital learning and leadership response to COVID-19; Crossing Boundaries and Building Bridges

Louise Foreman
Education Scotland


Inclusive Education: Supporting Children and Families through Covid-19

Pauline Lynch
Education Scotland

N6: Network Session: Education Leadership
Fireside Chat with the Education Leadership Network
Network Session: Data Use
Building Bridges Based on Data
OP2: Reflect & Connect
Zoom Host: Hannah Bijlsma
Second Zoom Host: Trista Hollweck
Informal social networking opportunity hosted by ICSEI board member, Hannah Bijlsma
IN08.P8.3P: Innovate
Zoom Host: Beverley Freedman
Second Zoom Host: Paige Fisher

Weaving Strands of Experience: A Performative Pandemic Response

Paige Fisher1, Leyton Schnellert4, Donna Kozak3, Deborah Koehn1, Shelley Beleznay1, Leah Tidey2

1: Vancouver Island University, Canada; 2: University of Victoria; 3: School District # 23: Central Okanagan Public Schools; 4: University of British Columbia

Innovative Engaging Professional Learning in a Time of COVID-19: Crossing Boundaries and Building Bridges

Beverley Freedman1, Dianne Riehl1, Ann-Kariin Iversen2, Marlen Faannessen2, Robert Rognli2, Pål Eggen3

1: ESC, Canada; 2: KS Norway; 3: Holmestrand Norway

Paper 22.P8.CR: Paper Session 22
Zoom Host: Megan Lynn Hauser

Association between Family Environments and Children’s Education in the Pandemic

Ting Shen

Missouri University of Science and Technology, United States of America

A Study of Teacher Burnout During COVID-19

Megan L. Hauser, Jihyun Kim

Lehigh University, United States of America

How Do Administrators And Teachers Visualize Their Return To In-Person Classes?

Luis Felipe de la Vega

Universidad de Chile, Chile

Paper 23.P8.DU: Paper Session 23
Zoom Host: Susanne Spiele
Second Zoom Host: Pierre Tulowitzki

Improving Teacher Self-evaluation In The Classroom – Results From A Study Into The Steev Concept

Wolfgang Beywl, Pierre Tulowitzki

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Switzerland

Do Data Use Professional Development Interventions For Teachers Impact Student Achievement? A Meta-Analysis

Susanne Spiele1, Kim Schildkamp1, Jeroen J.H.M. Janssen2

1: University of Twente, the Netherlands; 2: Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Leadership for Equity and Inclusion of Children with Disabilities: A School-wide Approach

Karen Ramlackhan

University of South Florida, United States of America

Paper 24.P8.EL: Paper Session 24
Zoom Host: Nicolette van Halem
Second Zoom Host: Rachel Chamberlain

Women, Educational Leadership, and Alberta: A Needs Assessment Survey

elissa corsi1, lisa everitt2

1: University of Alberta, Canada; 2: Alberta Teaches Association, Canada

Rural School Leaders as Community Boundary Spanners: A Case Study Analysis

Rachel Chamberlain

University of Minnesota, United States of America

Exploring Leaders’ Attitudes Towards Instruction And Instructional Leadership Through Their Social Networks: Insights From A Research-Practice Partnership

Nicolette van Halem1, Prof. Dr. Alan J. Daly2, Dr. Marie Lockton2, Dr. Yi-Hwa Liou3

1: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands, The; 2: University of California, San Diego; 3: National Taipei University of Education

RT04.P8: Roundtable
Zoom Host: Niall Mackinnon
Second Zoom Host: Bernardine Mizzi

Educational Accountability in Design Mode

Niall Mackinnon

Avernish Prospect, United Kingdom

S16:P8.3P: Symposium
Zoom Host: Anton Florek
Second Zoom Host: Boudewijn van van Velzen

COVID-19: Crisis, Opportunity and Ethical Dilemmas

Chair(s): Anton Florek (The Staff College)

Discussant(s): Boudewijn Van Velzen (EduXprss Cooperative)


Presentations of the Symposium


The New Post-COVID Normal: Resetting The Moral Compass

Anton Florek
The Staff College


The COVID Crisis And Moral Distress

Karen Seashore Louis1, Jeff Walls2
1University of Minnesota, 2Washington State University


Leading In A New Era: Compassionate Leadership For Place And Belonging

Kathryn Riley, Manuela Mendoza
Institute of Education

S17.P8.EL: Symposium
Zoom Host: Trista Hollweck
Second Zoom Host: Rania Sawalhi

Pracademia: Exploring the Possibilities, Power and Politics of Boundary-Spanners Straddling the Worlds of Practice and Scholarship

Chair(s): Carol Campbell (OISE/University of Toronto)


Presentations of the Symposium


Dwelling in Liminal Spaces: Twin Moments of the Same Reality

Sharon Friesen
University of Calgary


Exploring Perceptions of Pracademics in an Arab Context: Emerging Professional Identities

Rania Sawalhi1, Youmen Chaaban2, Abdellatif Sellami3, Marwa Magdy Ahmed ElKhouly3
1EduEnterprise, 2Azm University, 3Qatar University


Pracademia in Education: Identity, Community & Engagement

Trista Hollweck1, Deborah Netolicky2, Paul Campbell3
1University of Ottawa, 2St Mark’s Anglican Community School., 3ESF Sha Tin Junior School, Hong Kong

K8: Keynote 8: Cynthia Coburn
Plenary 2: Closing Ceremony

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