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Session Overview
Workshop 386: An Information Potluck: Mapping the Research Space of Informated Food
Tuesday, 28/Mar/2023:
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Location: Plenary Room

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An Information Potluck: Mapping the Research Space of Informated Food

M. Bonn, M. Twidale, M. Ocepek, E. Sam

School of Information Sciences, UIUC, United States of America

n this workshop we invite participants to join in mapping the research space of the many ways that information plays a role in the production and consumption of food. These informational uses can be fragmented by disciplinary focus. Our aim is to show the advantages of the big picture approach to considering the use of information in the work of farming, food processing and distribution, food marketing, retailing, purchasing, cooking, eating in restaurants and at home, diet and personal health, tourism, cultural heritage, and many more food related contexts. As well as creating opportunities for interesting and productive multidisciplinary research collaborations, we also think that discussion of informated food can be pedagogically effective in conveying various abstractions of information science to wider audiences.