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Papers 2: Social media
Tuesday, 24/Mar/2020:
11:00am - 12:30pm

Session Chair: Knut Oterholm, Oslo Metropolitan University
Location: Platon
Floor 4

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Information Quality of Reddit Link Posts on Health News

H. Zhou1,2, B. Yu2

1College of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China; 2School of Information Studies, Syracuse University, Syracuse, USA

Inaccuracy has been a common problem in news coverage of scientific research. This problem has been particularly prevalent in health research news. Health research news usually spreads from research publications and press releases to news and social media. In this study we examined the information quality of the Reddit link posts that introduce health news stories. We developed a coding schema to annotate the inaccurate information in a sample of 250 link posts on health research news within the Reddit community r/Health in 2018. The result shows that most link posts simply copied the original news headlines verbatim, while some paraphrased the news stories by adding, deleting, replacing, and combining content. We found that 12 paraphrased link posts contained inaccurate information that may mislead the readers. The most common type of inaccuracy is exaggeration resulted from changing the original speculative claims to direct causal statements by removing the modal verbs such as "may" and "might". The result shows that although the link posts of health news were generally faithful to the original news stories, exaggerated claims may lead to false hope for researchers and patients.

Trolling Trump

P. Fichman

Indiana University - Bloomington, United States of America

This study aims to gain a better understanding of a global collective process of trolling Donald Trump’s inauguration speech. One hundred videos were posted over a three-weeks period in 2017 with satirical trolling content. We performed thematic content analysis of sixty videos, each represents a different country to understand the role of national culture and crowd work in global trolling. Results show that all the videos involving satirical trolling behaviors, regardless of national boundaries; collective intelligence processes, resembled those that characterized simple textual and design creations found in prior research.

Mobile instant messenger as a hub for mixed work and personal conversation: Group chat switching patterns and usage strategies of the users.

Y. Jeong, H. Jung, J. Lee

Seoul National University, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

Because mobile instant messengers (MIM) are actively used for work, the problem of personal chats and work chats being mixed in one medium arises. For an empirical study of this problem, we collected chat log data recorded on the actual site. Based on this, we analyzed the distribution of chats according to work situation and the switching pattern between personal and work chats. We also conducted interviews to examine the strategies that MIM users use to manage this situation. The pattern of switching between work and personal conversations more than three times occurred the most. In addition, users complained about the problem and wanted to manage it by turning off alarms or delaying notification check and scanning at once. Based on this, the study pointed out that the existing countermeasures for blocking the app itself are less effective when work and personal chats are used simultaneously in an MIM. The study also argued for the need for a new management approach to selectively manage in-app behavior. In particular, this study classified six patterns of switching between work and personal conversations based on log analysis; this result can be widely applied to related problem-response strategies in the future.

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