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Time: 26/Mar/2018: 5:00pm-6:30pm · Location: Ground Floor Lobby Space (Diamond)

Respectful Reuse of Digital Records of Practice

Daniel Delmonaco

Rutgers University, United States of America

Records of practice in the field of education, often take the form of digital video of teachers and students engaged in learning. Understanding reuser opinions, particularly regarding respect for the teacher and student subjects of the videos, can facilitate data sharing while ensuring mitigation of harm to all involved in the lifecycle of digital records of practice.

In this ongoing research project, Caswell and Cifor’s theoretical model for radical empathy in the archives is applied to qualitative data repositories in education and expanded to include additional relationships that arise. This updated framework argues that repository managers, like archivists, have responsibilities due to the affective nature of relationships between repository managers, data producers, data reusers, subjects, and communities. All parties ensure this responsibility when they handle data production, curation, and reuse with respect.

This poster focuses on results related to data reuser attitudes regarding potential harms to data producers, data reusers, and subjects represented in the data. Findings suggest that reusers are concerned with potential reputational harm to the subjects in the data, and that these concerns affect their data sharing and data reuse practices. Respondent QDR_012 argued, “We don’t want to condemn our teachers like, ‘They are an example of bad teaching.’ So I think that is a risk.” Reusers of video data for the purposes of professional development and teacher training often discussed framing video records to reduce possible reputational harm to teachers in the videos.

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