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Completed Papers 4: Current Issues
Monday, 26/Mar/2018:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Session Chair: Sheila Mary Corrall, University of Pittsburgh
Location: Lecture Theatre 2 (Diamond)
The Diamond

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Information and knowledge based conceptual study of 2008 financial crisis

Josep Cobarsi-Morales, Agustí Canals

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain

Although a proper and wide diffusion of information and knowledge is acknowledged by economic theory as a necessary condition for a perfect functioning of markets, there are some weaknesses of conceptualization of information and knowledge applied to economics. As a contribution to fill this gap, the purpose of this paper is to set up a conceptual analysis and discussion of 2008 Great Financial Crisis (GFC) in terms of information and knowledge. As theoretical basis for this discussion we have selected the Boisot’s framework of Information Space (I-Space) [1][2] which we relate with the proposal of Van den Berg [3] about encapsulated knowledge. This enhances us to discuss two key elements concerning the 2008 GFC: secu-ritization and qualifications of rating. Our analysis shows how the sociotechnical innovations concerning financial markets in the years previous to GFC, contributed to create or increased information and knowledge asymmetries. These asymmetries impacted the risk management by the stakeholders implied in financial markets and eroded the correct function of these markets until the 2008 collapse.

Diversifying the Next Generation of Information Scientists: Six Years of Implementation and Outcomes for a Year-Long REU Program

Kayla Michelle Booth1, Bryan Dosono2, Elissa M Redmiles3, Miraida Morales4, Michael Depew1, Rosta Farzan1, Everett Herman1, Keith Trahan1, Cindy Tananis1

1University of Pittsburgh, United States of America; 2Syracuse University, United States of America; 3University of Maryland, United States of America; 4Rutgers University, United States of America

The iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) is a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program in the US designed to address underrepresentation in the information sciences. i3 is a year-long, cohort-based program that prepares undergraduate students for graduate school in information science and is rooted in a research and leadership development curriculum. Using data from six years of i3 cohorts, we present in this paper a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the program in terms of student learning, research production, and graduate school enrollment. We find that students who participate in i3 report significant learning gains in information-science- and graduate-school-related areas and that 52\% of i3 participants enroll in graduate school, over $2\times$ the national average. Based on these and additional results, we distill recommendations for future implementations of similar programs to address underrepresentation in information science.

Opportunities for computer support for systematic reviewing - a gap analysis

Linh Khanh Hoang, Jodi Schneider

University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, United States of America

Systematic review is a type of literature review designed to synthesize all available evidence on a given question. Systematic reviews require significant time and effort, which has led to the continuing development of computer support. This paper seeks to identify the gaps and opportunities for computer support. By interviewing experienced systematic reviewers from diverse fields, we identify the technical problems and challenges reviewers face in conducting a systematic review and their current uses of computer support. We propose potential research directions for how computer support could help to speed the systematic review process while retaining or improving review quality.

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