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Session Overview
Keynote Alexa Koenig: Gender, Genocide and the Probative Power of Digital Information
Tuesday, 20/July/2021:
4:15pm - 5:15pm

Session Chair: Elisenda Calvet Martinez, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Location: Plenary room

Session Abstract

From the spread of mis- and dis-information, to the proliferation of hate speech, to the documentation of international crimes, we have seen the power of social media to sow distrust, but also to communicate facts that are critical for justice and accountability. How can online information be effectively, efficiently and ethically mined to better support those at risk of genocide worldwide? Drawing from insights derived during the four year process of developing the Berkeley Protocol on Digital Open Source Investigations, this keynote focuses on the diverse ways in which genocide is being perpetrated in the 21st century, the sometimes gendered nature of those crimes, and how online information can be harnassed to help prevent future harm and secure accountability in court.