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Session A3 4: The Hunt for the Missing: Enforced Disappearances in Punjab by the Indian State
Wednesday, 21/July/2021:
12:00pm - 1:30pm

Session Chair: Timothy Williams, Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany
Location: Room 4


The Hunt for the Missing- Enforced Disappearances in Punjab by the Indian State. The struggle for Justice for thousands of Sikhs murdered in a region of Impunity thirty years on.

Simran Kaur1, Paramjeet Singh1, Dalsher Singh1, Baljinder Singh2, Jagjit Singh2

1TARAN Peace building NGO, United Kingdom; 2Punjab Disappearances Advocacy Group (PDAP)

From 1984- 1994 the Sikh minority in India suffered state sanctioned extra judicial killings, mass torture and targeted massacres tantamount to genocide amidst civil war. Survivors of the killings faced insurmountable legal and political obstacles in fighting for justice, coercion, and few convictions of Indian police state terror. Many survivors are also torture survivors and yet continue in their quest for justice in a region of impunity. Many have died not knowing the truth and were neglected in poverty. The rise in Hindutva/Indian nationalism has made India yet again one of the flashpoints for potential mass killings in the world and minorities vulnerable.

Dreams of international tribunals for the survivors, continue even as time is running out to evidence the murders of the missing. We are interested in any delegates, experienced and new researchers, who want to collaborate with us in seeking to create the first International Tribunal for the Widow Survivors of Punjab at The Hague or in Barcelona from IAGS2021 to help peace and reconciliation in this region and welcome you to keep in touch.

Human Rights activists and researchers from Punjab, after decades documenting and interviewing the missing, share the struggles of widows and torture survivors. Often the only solidarity survivors got until the end was knowing they were not alone amongst the thousands who were disappeared, huddled in small gatherings, awaiting the next torturous steps for justice, while India denied state murder. This panel is here to honour them.

Jagjit Singh, Advocate, Baljinder Singh, Gurmej Singh- Punjab Disappearances Advocacy Project; Parmajeet Singh Gazzi, Advocate, Editor of Sikhsiyasat, Director of the film ‘Outjustice’, Dalsher Singh, independent scholar and Simarjit Kaur, independent scholar, author of the novel Saffron Salvation will highlight these experiences along with film excerpts.