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Session Overview
Session C5 3: Workshop: Bigotry, Hate, and Genocide: Global, Regional, and Local Challenges
Friday, 23/July/2021:
5:00pm - 6:30pm

Session Chair: Henry Theriault, International Association of Genocide Scholars, United States of America
Location: Room 3

Session Abstract

This workshop seeks to introduce IAGS to the members, objectives, and initial insights that have emerged from the Global Consortium on Bigotry and Hate. Members of the Consortium will share their efforts to tackle violent hatred individually and collectively. They will provide related updates for each of the countries and regions represented by the consortium’s members: Eastern and Western Europe, including Scandinavia and Russia; East and South Asia; North and South America; and Southern Africa. The purpose of these updates will be twofold: they will (1) provide information concerning present and emerging hate crises, as well as the local steps being taken to address them; and (2) present an opportunity for engaging in structured discussion with members of the audience in order to widening the GCBH’s analytical frame, and share information on strategies for successfully addressing far rightism, its underlying causes and attendant harms.

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