Preliminary Conference Agenda

SP1: Elsevier: Building Research Data Management Librarian Academy (RDMLA)
Monday, 01/Apr/2019:
12:00pm - 1:30pm

Location: Chesapeake/General Vessey Ballroom


Building Research Data Management Librarian Academy (RDMLA)

E. Martin2, R. Tang1, S. Erdelez1

1Simmons University, United States of America; 2Harvard Medical School, United States of America

RDMLA is an English-language online training program for practicing librarians throughout the world. The curriculum focuses on the essential knowledge and skills needed by librarians to collaborate effectively with researchers to offer data management services. This is a unique partnership between a library school, health sciences libraries, academic research libraries, and a publisher. Partner institutions include: Harvard University, Simmons University (Simmons School of Library and Information Science and Simmons Online), Boston University, Tufts University, MCPHS University, Northeastern University, Brown University, and Elsevier, which financially supported the program. More than 15 librarians have been involved in developing the Academy units.

The RDMLA curriculum consists of eight units: Foundations of Research Data Management (RDM); Navigating Research Data Culture; Advocating and Marketing the Value of RDM in Libraries; Case Studies in Establishing Data Services in Libraries; Project Management and Assessment; Overview of Data Analysis and Visualization Tools; Python and Jupyter Notebook; and an Overview of Platform Tools. All Academy content will be open via CC-BY licensing. The RDMLA will be launched in Summer, 2019. The lunch presentation will provide an overview of the program and give a description of the course units planned for the Academy.