Preliminary Conference Agenda

SIE 7: Domain-centric and cross-disciplinary educational opportunities in iSchools
Tuesday, 02/Apr/2019:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Location: Patuxent Room


Domain-centric and cross-disciplinary educational opportunities in iSchools

B. Badurina, J. Mostafa, K. Golub, E. Liddy, A. Doracic, G. Marchionini, V. Singh, E. Salvatori

Information schools and programs have always had, broadly speaking, a focus on specialized information services, going back many years (e.g., art librarianship, music librarianship, health librarianship). Nowadays, partly due to the rapid advances of information technologies the core information needs and practices in many disciplines are also changing quickly. It is not uncommon to find among iSchools, tracks, certificates, and degrees being offered that are domain-centric (e.g., health informatics, digital humanities). Furthermore, Digital Humanities provide the potential to bring together ‘old’, well-established departments such as archaeology, linguistics, history, religion, ethnology and others to develop new programs and new educational profiles. Such offerings are becoming increasingly common in iSchools. Hence it will be highly useful to create an interactive session which allows seasoned academics, researchers, and professionals to discuss, share, and learn about approaches for integrating domain-centric educational opportunities into core educational programs of iSchools.