Preliminary Conference Agenda

SP2: ASIS&T Panel: Information Science Beyond the Information Age
Tuesday, 02/Apr/2019:
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Session Chair: Elaine Toms
Location: Chasen Family Room


ASIS&T Panel: Information Science Beyond the Information Age

E. Toms1, L. S. Connaway2, J. Mostafa3, D. Kelly4

1Association for Information Science & Technology, United States of America; 2OCLC Research; 3University of North Carolina; 4University of Tennessee

Although it can be argued that we are still in an information age of sorts, it can be debated that we are now moving on to a hybrid age, an age that will seamlessly integrate technology and people; or perhaps an experience age; or an algorithmic age in which decisions will be made for us; or an imagination age where creativity will be a key economic driver; or more likely a hybrid of all four. Whither Information Science in this evolution? We saw the growth and establishment of the discipline in the Information Age, but now that information is anywhere, any place, any time, is information simply taken for granted? What new directions will we evolve to? Where is our science taking us and where should it take us? This panel will explore our futures, exposing trends, and identifying fruitful channels for our work.

Panelists: Elaine Toms, ASIS&T (chair); Lynn Silipigni Connaway, OCLC Research; Javed Mostafa, University of North Carolina; Diane Kelly, University of Tennessee