Preliminary Conference Agenda

Workshop 13a: Troubleshooting Data Storytelling
Sunday, 31/Mar/2019:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Location: Patuxent Room (Sunday)

External Resource: The workshop welcomes submissions of position papers, talks, posters, and research papers. Get on the workshop’s homepage:

Troubleshooting Data Storytelling

K. McDowell, M. Twidale, M. Turk

In data storytelling, if fears are not articulated and confronted, they can be paralyzing. Participants in this workshop will learn to articulate things that can go wrong in data storytelling. We will lead participants in an interactive workshop that will help them to learn (and practice) what you can do to prevent trouble from happening (ideally), reduce the odds of trouble happening, reduce the consequences when troubles do happen, and recover from data storytelling trouble. We call this “troubleshooting data storytelling.” Experts typically have a repertoire of such techniques. It is one of the galling aspects of being a novice that as your repertoire is more limited, things are more likely to go wrong and to throw you off. Just knowing that can reduce confidence, making certain problems even more likely to occur. We’ll introduce a six-part model of storytelling thinking that can help even the most novice data storyteller to understand how to troubleshoot everyday storytelling problems.