Preliminary Conference Agenda

Workshop 12a: Detecting and Taming Social Bots with Mixed Methods
Sunday, 31/Mar/2019:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Location: 2115


Detecting and Taming Social Bots with Mixed Methods

A. Karami, V. Kitzie, E. Mohammadi

Social bots have been recognized as social media accounts that actively promulgate misinformation during different events such as elections. Studying the contents generated by the social bots opens research opportunities in various applications such as social science and health. This half-day workshop will introduce the audience to the basics of Twitter data collection, social bots detection, and text data analysis. Attendees will learn how to use open source tools including Botometer and R packages to collect Twitter data, detect social bots, and use both quantitative and qualitative methods for investigating activities of social bots. Practical examples will be provided and implemented.