Preliminary Conference Agenda

SIE 2: How do we promote public engagement with science?
Monday, 01/Apr/2019:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Location: Chasen Family Room


How do we promote public engagement with science?

N. Hara, C. McKay, B. Yu, Y. Zhang, T. Chen, P. T. Darch, L. Lee

In recent years, information about science is becoming more easily obtained, circulated, and co-produced by the general public. The prevalence of online communication, including social media, offers resources for citizens seeking concise explanations of complex scientific issues. Similarly, the emergence of online citizen science projects provides ordinary citizens the opportunity to assist scientists in co-producing new scientific knowledge. These online platforms have created both opportunities and challenges for scientists and the general public when interacting with each other. This Session for Interaction and Engagement includes lightning talks by panelists and invites participants to discuss questions regarding public engagement with science as members of the iSchool community.