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Session Overview
SIE 11: iStories: Reimagining the narratives of information research
Tuesday, 02/Apr/2019:
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Location: Patuxent Room


iStories: Reimagining the narratives of information research

M. Kaczmarek, B. Tulloch, S. Shankar, A. Hoff, L. Nathan

What are the narratives our research tells and how do they connect? For decades, the language used by the institutions, professions, markets and industries concerned with the treatment of information have influenced and constructed the ways we define, study and value information (Buckland, 2017; Day, 2001). In this 90-minute interactive session, we invite information scholars to consider and discuss their role as storytellers describing the information field. Through group discussion and art-based activities, we draw attention to the diverse ways that our research speaks to the larger meta-narratives of information research and question the stories that are told and untold. By reimagining researchers as storytellers, this session is designed to highlight the diversity and possibility within the interdisciplinary iSchool community, imagining new ways of using our research to inform, include, and inspire others within and beyond the field.