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Session Overview
Workshop 2a: Workshopping a Data Equity Manifesto
Sunday, 31/Mar/2019:
8:30am - 10:00am

Location: 0105


Workshopping a Data Equity Manifesto

F. A. Peer, C. D’Ignazio, A. Happonen, M. Palacin-Silva, A. Wolff

The goal of this workshop is to generate a publicly shareable manifesto around data equity. Data equity refers to the degree of fairness in responsibilities and benefits, opportunities trade-offs that all members of society experience as a result of civic datasets. As a range of civic datasets about the government, environment, education and others become increasingly avail-able, it is important to understand how current technologically-mediated practices can be improved to achieve better data equity and accountability for all, irrespective of their data literacy skills. We reflect on these datasets and technical practices through hands-on activities that have been specifically designed to expose the barriers that prevent individuals, communities, businesses, nonprofits and governments from engaging with data. We pay particular focus to the differentials based on sexism, racism and other forms of structural oppression that tend to go under-examined within such settings.