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Session Overview
SIE 14: Mental Health and the iSchools: Audiences and Strategies for Support
Wednesday, 03/Apr/2019:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Location: Chasen Family Room


Mental Health and the iSchools: Audiences and Strategies for Support

R. Magee, A. Phillips

While mental health and self-care are increasingly discussed in the information professions and academe, the high level of need requires an in-depth and strategic response from the iSchool community. Mental health issues occur in multiple communities relevant to the iSchools. Students at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels are experiencing increasing levels of anxiety and depression (Evans et al., 2018; American Psychological Association (APA, 2015). Work demonstrates that employees of academic institutions (Price & Kerschbaum, 2017) also have significant mental health considerations. Our schools and students are poised to help the communities we engage with and serve to address mental health topics (Throgmorton, 2017; 6, Pho et al., 2018). In this SIE, we will share current details about mental health needs and discourse, focus audience discussion on observations and strategies for addressing these needs within the iSchool community, and develop a collection of resources to be shared online to prompt future engagement in this area.