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Poster Session
Time: 02/Apr/2019: 5:00pm-6:00pm · Location: Hall of Distinction

Towards a Domain Ontology for Data Assemblages

C. Boyd

Simmons University, United States of America

Critical data studies (CDS) is an interdisciplinary research area concerned with the critical, systematic investigation of socio-technical infrastructures involving data, called data assemblages. CDS scholars have expressed a de-sire for more empirical studies that compare data assemblages, trace their change over time, and that offer insights to inform their design. This poster describes the development of research infrastructure to support these stud-ies: a prototype, extensible domain ontology and glossary based upon Ma-nuel DeLanda's neo-assemblage theory (NAT). These knowledge representa-tion tools are intended to consolidate and codify shared knowledge about assemblage theory and ultimately to enable researchers to describe, model, and compare assemblages and their topologies. The prototype NAT ontolo-gy and glossary were developed using a lightweight version of the Unified Process for Ontology building (UPONLite). Future work will involve ex-tending the NAT ontology to support data assemblage concepts and rela-tionships using a method similar to Grounded Ontology (GO). It is antici-pated that scholars may also use these two tools to support work involving other types of assemblages or use the ontology construction method to de-velop an ontological model of their preferred social theory.

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