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Poster Session
Time: 02/Apr/2019: 5:00pm-6:00pm · Location: Hall of Distinction

The Economic Value of Personal Information Under the Situation of Information Leakage

S. Deng1, H. Zhao1, Y. Liu2

1Center for Studies of Information Resources,Wuhan University; 2Aalto University School of Business,Finland

In recent years, there are increasing concerns on personal information leak-age. As a result, implementing differentiated protection according to con-sumers’ preferences is necessary. Based on discrete choice model, this paper seeks to quantify the economic value of different types of personal infor-mation by studying individuals’ willingness to accept compensations at dif-ferent situations of information leakage. The results show that individuals generally attach great importance to basic personal information, but have lit-tle concerns on their social network information. Individuals value all types of personal information differently based on their gender, age, education and frequency of Internet use. The results of which are expected to aid stake-holders in adjusting their information collection strategies.

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