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Author(s) Session
Abbott, Jacob EdwardEnvironmental and Visual Literacy  Presenter
Abdolrahmani, AliPoster Session
Acker, AmeliaBlue Sky Paper 3
Acuna, DanielMeasuring and Tracking Scientific Literature  Presenter
Adams, Sarah AnnEnvironmental and Visual Literacy
Addawood, AseelInformation Behaviors on Twitter  Presenter
Agosto, Denise E.Playing around: Informing, including, and inspiring youth-centered information researchers  Presenter
Ahmed, Syed IshtiaqueCharting the Future of Forced Migration Research in Information Science
Al-Basri, Ammar Ali AbdelrahimConcerns about “Smart” Interactions and Privacy
AL-Motawah, Wafaa AhmedPoster Session  Presenter
Albahlal, BaderPoster Session  Presenter
Albertson, DanInformation Behaviors on Twitter  Presenter
Alsuhaibani, AnasPoster Session  Presenter
Andrews, JamesUndergraduate Data Science Education in iSchools: Current Practices and Future Directions  Presenter
Arias, MarcoInforming Technology Design Through Offline Experiences  Presenter
Arias-Hernandez, RichardiSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 3 of 3  Presenter
Assefa, Biniyam GirumPoster Session
Auxier, BrookePoster Session
Auxier, Brooke ElizabethPoster Session  Presenter
Social-Media Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis  Presenter