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Author(s) Session
Sadeh, NormanDigital Tools for Health Management
Saint Preux, NaikaCollecting Data about Vulnerable Populations
Salvatori, EnricaDomain-centric and cross-disciplinary educational opportunities in iSchools  Presenter
Sanchez, ChelseaPoster Session
Sandbulte, JomaraDigital Tools for Health Management  Presenter
Poster Session  Presenter
Sands, Ashley E.Going Forward: Positioning Library and Information Science Graduate Programs for 21st Century Practice  Presenter
Sanfilippo, Madelyn RoseMethodological Concerns in (Big) Data Research  Presenter
Sanger, SallyAddressing Social Problems in iSchools Research  Presenter
Santamaria, EugèniaiSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 1 of 3  Presenter
Sarcevic, AleksandraInforming Technology Design Through Offline Experiences
Schaub, FlorianDigital Tools for Health Management
Schoonmaker, Sayward HollisPoster Session  Presenter
Schultz-Jones, BarbaraPoster Session  Presenter
Poster Session
Scretching, Desiree DeAndreaPoster Session  Presenter
Semaan, BryanPoster Session  Presenter
Seo, JunwooData-Driven Storytelling and Modeling
Shadan, TubaPoster Session
Shaffer, JasonData-Driven Storytelling and Modeling
Shankar, KalpanaData and Information in the Public Sphere
Digital Libraries, Curation and Preservation
Shankar, SagunaiStories: Reimagining the narratives of information research  Presenter
Shapiro II, Robert MPoster Session
Shaw, GeorgePoster Session
Shaw, Wang-ChingPoster Session
Sheffield, CarolynPoster Session  Presenter
Shema, AlainMeasuring and Tracking Scientific Literature
Shetenhelm, SummerDigital Libraries, Curation and Preservation  Presenter
Shi, YanqingPoster Session  Presenter
Shih, PatrickData Mining and NLP
Environmental and Visual Literacy
Shilton, KatieMethodological Concerns in (Big) Data Research
The Pervasive Data Ethics Festivus!  Presenter
Sholler, DanBlue Sky Paper 3
Shorey, SamanthaMaking Core Memory  Presenter
Simons, Rachel N.Poster Session  Presenter
Singh, VandanaPoster Session
Singh, VivekDomain-centric and cross-disciplinary educational opportunities in iSchools  Presenter
Siriaraya, PanotePoster Session
Sivam, SubhatraPoster Session
Skov, MetteEngaging with Multi-Media Content
Smith, JasminePoster Session  Presenter
Snyder, JaimeMethodological Concerns in (Big) Data Research  Presenter
Poster Session
Song, ChunchuPoster Session  Presenter
Song, EnmeiMethodological Concerns in (Big) Data Research  Presenter
Sönströd, CeciliaiSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 2 of 3  Presenter
Stahlman, Gretchen ReneePoster Session  Presenter
Stavish, KoralleenPoster Session
Stiller, JulianeCharting the Future of Forced Migration Research in Information Science
Stoddard, AlvoradoPoster Session  Presenter
Strobel, JohannesUtilizing An Empathy Lens To Understand Information Technology Usage And Adoption
Su, HuanningData-Driven Storytelling and Modeling
Su, RinaPoster Session  Presenter
Subramanian, AdityaPoster Session
Sullivan, JasmineInformation Behaviors in Academic Environments
Sun, JianjunPoster Session
Poster Session
Sun, LindaCollecting Data about Vulnerable Populations
Sundström, MaliniSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 2 of 3
Sutherland, WillAlgorithms at Work
Sy, Wang HinData and Information in the Public Sphere
Syn, Sue YeonPoster Session