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Author(s) Session
Hafer, ChristinePoster Session
Hagen, LoniUndergraduate Data Science Education in iSchools: Current Practices and Future Directions  Presenter
Haines, ClaudiaEstablishing an Inspiring, Inclusive, and Interdisciplinary Research Community Around Young People, Information, and Technology
Hamak, SimonePoster Session  Presenter
Hamborg, FelixLimits and Affordances of Automation  Presenter
Hamerly, DonaldUndergraduate Data Science Education in iSchools: Current Practices and Future Directions  Presenter
Han, ShenglongHuman agency towards digital inclusion: Implementing an international study of tech help networks
Hank, CarolynPoster Session
Hanrahan, BenjaminAlgorithms at Work
Happonen, AriWorkshopping a Data Equity Manifesto
Hara, NorikoHow do we promote public engagement with science?  Presenter
Hassan, Musa DaudaPoster Session  Presenter
he, chaochengPoster Session
He, JiangenPoster Session  Presenter
Hedges, MarkBlue Sky Paper 4
Hemminger, Bradley M.Poster Session
Hemphill, LibbyPoster Session
Herault, RomainPoster Session
Herbert, Bruce E.Measuring and Tracking Scientific Literature
Herbsleb, James D.Scientific Work and Data Practices
Ho, Shuyuan MaryPoster Session
Hoff, AndreaiStories: Reimagining the narratives of information research  Presenter
Hong, LiangPoster Session  Presenter
Hopfgartner, FrankPoster Session
hu, jimingPoster Session
Hu, YuerongPoster Session  Presenter
Hu, ZhanPoster Session  Presenter
Huang, Mu-hsuanPoster Session
huang, ruhuaPoster Session
Huber, Jeffrey TPoster Session  Presenter
Huo, XinData Mining and NLP