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Author(s) Session
D'Arpa, ChristinePoster Session  Presenter
D’Ignazio, CatherineWorkshopping a Data Equity Manifesto
Daetwyler, ClayPoster Session
Dali, KerenBeyond Representations: Developing Inclusive Workplaces for Faculty and Staff with Disabilities  Presenter
Dalmer, NicoleFamily Matters: Studying Information Phenomena Within the Context of the Family  Presenter
Dant, AaronBlue Sky Paper 1
Darch, Peter ThomasHow do we promote public engagement with science?
Davison, Robert M.Collecting Data about Vulnerable Populations
Dechesne, FrancienPoster Session
Dedema, MeredithInforming Technology Design Through Offline Experiences  Presenter
Deng, ShengliPoster Session
Poster Session
DeWitt, NicholasPoster Session
Dey, AnindAlgorithms at Work
Dhanorkar, ShipiOnline Activism  Presenter
Diesner, JanaInformation Behaviors on Twitter
Ding, YingData-Driven Storytelling and Modeling
Poster Session
Dodson, JordanCollecting Data about Vulnerable Populations  Presenter
Dombrowski, LynnIdentity Questions in Online Communities
Doracic, AlenDomain-centric and cross-disciplinary educational opportunities in iSchools  Presenter
Dorado, Dan Anthony DoriaInformation Behaviors in Academic Environments  Presenter
Doryab, AfsanehAlgorithms at Work
Dosono, BryanInformation Behaviors in Academic Environments
Dow, MirahBeyond Representations: Developing Inclusive Workplaces for Faculty and Staff with Disabilities  Presenter
Downie, J. StephenPoster Session
Poster Session
Du, Jia TinaCollecting Data about Vulnerable Populations
Dubnicek, RyanPoster Session