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Author(s) Session
Cahill, MariaSIE 3  Presenter
Cai, YaoPapers 18  Presenter
Caidi, NadiaWorkshop 3a
Campana, KathleenPapers 8  Presenter, Papers 8  Presenter, Workshop 6a
Campos, Aldrin Joseph ParillaPoster Session  Presenter
Carbone, KathyBlue Sky Paper 2  Presenter
Carroll, John M.Poster Session, Papers 17, Papers 22, Papers 10
Carter, DanielBlue Sky Paper 3  Presenter
Casertano, AndrewPoster Session  Presenter
Castillo, AmyPapers 4  Presenter
Castro, ClintonPapers 17
Chawla, GursimranPoster Session
Chen, ChuanfuPapers 14
Chen, DanielPoster Session
Chen, JiangpingPoster Session, Poster Session
Chen, JiaweiPapers 17  Presenter
Chen, SiPoster Session  Presenter, Poster Session
Chen, SijingPapers 13  Presenter
Chen, TaoSIE 2
Chen, YongshengPapers 10
Chen, YunanPapers 22
Cheng, An-ShouPapers 6
Cheng, QikaiPoster Session
Chhetri, CholaPapers 3  Presenter
Choe, Eun KyoungPapers 22
Choi, InkyungPoster Session  Presenter
Choi, YunseonPoster Session  Presenter
Chu, ClaraSIE 1  Presenter
Chu, SabrinaPapers 4
Cisneros, AngelaPoster Session  Presenter
Clarke, Rachel IvyPoster Session, Poster Session  Presenter, Poster Session
Clunis, Julaine SashaniePoster Session  Presenter
Cobarsi-Morales, JosepiSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 1 of 3  Presenter
Cocciolo, AnthonyiSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 3 of 3  Presenter
Conesa, JordiiSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 1 of 3  Presenter
Connaway, Lynn SilipigniWorkshop 7a
Connaway, Lynn SilipigniSP2
Cooper, Benjamin J.Poster Session
Cope, JuliaPapers 21  Presenter
Corrales, CanelaPoster Session  Presenter
Cortes-Rivera, AngiePoster Session  Presenter
Coward, ChrisPoster Session
Cox, AndrewPoster Session, Poster Session
Cronholm, StefaniSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 1 of 3  Presenter
Cruz, Fraymon Joy PioPoster Session  Presenter
Cui, CaniSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 3 of 3
Cui, ChengPoster Session  Presenter
Cullen, ChristinePapers 14
Cunningham, Sally JoPapers 15  Presenter
Cupani, JakePoster Session