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Author(s) Session
Cahill, MariaPlaying around: Informing, including, and inspiring youth-centered information researchers  Presenter
Cai, YaoInnovation and Professionalization in Technology Communities  Presenter
Caidi, NadiaCharting the Future of Forced Migration Research in Information Science
Campana, KathleenSupporting Communities Through Public Libraries and Infrastructure  Presenter
Supporting Communities Through Public Libraries and Infrastructure  Presenter
Establishing an Inspiring, Inclusive, and Interdisciplinary Research Community Around Young People, Information, and Technology
Campos, Aldrin Joseph ParillaPoster Session  Presenter
Carbone, KathyBlue Sky Paper 2  Presenter
Carroll, John M.Algorithms at Work
Poster Session
Digital Tools for Health Management
Data-Driven Storytelling and Modeling
Carter, DanielBlue Sky Paper 3  Presenter
Casertano, AndrewPoster Session  Presenter
Castillo, AmyIdentity Questions in Online Communities  Presenter
Castro, ClintonAlgorithms at Work
Chawla, GursimranPoster Session
Chen, ChuanfuData and Information in the Public Sphere
Chen, DanielPoster Session
Chen, JiangpingPoster Session
Poster Session
Chen, JiaweiAlgorithms at Work  Presenter
Chen, SiPoster Session  Presenter
Poster Session
Chen, SijingSocial-Media Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis  Presenter
Chen, TaoHow do we promote public engagement with science?
Chen, YongshengData-Driven Storytelling and Modeling
Chen, YunanDigital Tools for Health Management
Cheng, An-ShouLimits and Affordances of Automation
Cheng, QikaiPoster Session
Chhetri, CholaConcerns about “Smart” Interactions and Privacy  Presenter
Choe, Eun KyoungDigital Tools for Health Management
Choi, InkyungPoster Session  Presenter
Choi, YunseonPoster Session  Presenter
Chu, ClaraEducation for the Information Professions  Presenter
Chu, SabrinaIdentity Questions in Online Communities
Cisneros, AngelaPoster Session  Presenter
Clarke, Rachel IvyPoster Session
Poster Session  Presenter
Poster Session
Clunis, Julaine SashaniePoster Session  Presenter
Cobarsi-Morales, JosepiSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 1 of 3  Presenter
Cocciolo, AnthonyiSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 3 of 3  Presenter
Conesa, JordiiSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 1 of 3  Presenter
Connaway, Lynn SilipigniInVivo Inspiration: Investigating Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)
Connaway, Lynn SilipigniASIS&T Panel: Information Science Beyond the Information Age
Cooper, Benjamin J.Poster Session
Cope, JuliaInforming Technology Design Through Offline Experiences  Presenter
Corrales, CanelaPoster Session  Presenter
Cortes-Rivera, AngiePoster Session  Presenter
Coward, ChrisPoster Session
Cox, AndrewPoster Session
Poster Session
Cronholm, StefaniSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 1 of 3  Presenter
Cruz, Fraymon Joy PioPoster Session  Presenter
Cui, CaniSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 3 of 3
Cui, ChengPoster Session  Presenter
Cullen, ChristineData and Information in the Public Sphere
Cunningham, Sally JoEngaging with Multi-Media Content  Presenter
Cupani, JakePoster Session