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iSchool Partnerships and Practices, Part 2 of 3
Monday, 01/Apr/2019:
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Session Chair: Marcelo Milrad
Location: 1105

New Teaching Concepts at iSchools

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Teaching Functional Coding Skills: Designing assignments that challenge, inspire, and support

J. Proctor

University of Maryland - College Park, United States of America

Teaching programming-aided subjects in an iSchool where coding proficiency is, by design, not a prerequisite, is difficult. Challenges include:

- classes with students of varied experience with coding in general and the chosen language in particular,

- large class sizes complicating 1-on-1 support and troubleshooting,

- students struggling to focus on the classic, boring Code-Along,

- and problems guiding students in the transition from tutorials to writing original code.

This presentation will answer these difficulties by equipping attendees with pedagogical techniques for engaging students through active learning, explaining design principles for challenging students at all ability levels, and exploring methods of helping students develop the skill sets needed for programming independence.

Teachers and aspiring teachers at all professional levels will be able to benefit. The example exercise will focus on an undergraduate data science class and use Python, but lessons are applicable to subjects and levels across iSchool programs.

Relevance in Learning: connecting research and practice through participatory course design

L. Pavlovsky

Rutgers University, United States of America

“Relevance in Learning” is a curriculum development initiative adopted into practice in 2015 for the Master of Information (MI) Program at Rutgers University. It is an approach that engages participation of faculty, practitioners, students, alumni and instructional designers in an effort to balance theoretical, applied, pedagogical and pragmatic components of course design. This presentation will discuss project conceptualization, implementation and application. This initiative brings faculty and practitioners together to discuss content and learning objectives in a way that balances theory and practice. The overarching goal is to facilitate a stronger connection between the knowledge and skills students learn in an academic context in a way that will have greater relevance to the professional worlds they choose to enter.

INSiDR – a multi-disciplinary industrial graduate school in digital retailing

C. Sönströd1, J. Balkow1, U. Johansson2, T. Müllern2, M. Sundström1

1University of Borås, Sweden; 2Jönköping University, Sweden

INSiDR is a multi-disciplinary industrial graduate school in digital retailing, consisting of 10 PhD students within business administration, textile management, informatics, and information technology. The graduate school will provide Swedish companies in the retail industry with highly skilled graduates, whose knowledge and competences will enhance their competitiveness in a market where digitalization has a profound impact. In the school, industrial and scientific challenges related to the digitalization of retail are addressed, spanning from new business models and markets logics to data management and data analytics. The graduate school is implemented in close collaboration with participating companies, from formulation of PhD projects and joint selection of candidates, and through shared supervision and management of each PhD project. The school setup also includes a number of activities for knowledge dissemination, within academia, participating industrial partners, and the wider retail sector.

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