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Juried Poster Session 1 of 2
Time: 23/Mar/2017: 5:00pm-6:30pm · Location: Westin Grand Ballroom / Westin III

Automatic Course Website Discovery from Search Engine Results

Rui Meng, Zexin Zhao, Yu Chi, Daqing He

School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, United States of America

With the rapid development of Internet Technology, the forms of education have been undergoing drastic changes. Instructors are used to posting teaching materials on course websites and setting them publicly accessible. Thus large amounts of course resources have been well organized and shared, which also provide possibilities for building knowledge graphs for a specific domain. However, so far no specific method has been developed for collecting online course resources. In this paper, we propose a method to identify course websites by filtering search results from a general search engine. Experiment results show that the proposed method could achieve good performances on both within-domain and cross-domain tasks, which lays a solid foundation for further work on mining and integrating the online educational resources.

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