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Chinese Papers 5: User's Information Behavior
Time: 25/Mar/2017: 8:30am-10:00am · Location: Yangtze

A Study on the Relationship between Users’ Mobile Search and APP Usage

Dan Wu, Shaobo Liang, Yuan Tang

Wuhan University, China, People's Republic of

As the counts and types of APPs are growing rapidly and the mobile search has become more popular, the research focusing on the association between mobile search behavior and the APP usages can contribute to grasp the users’ rich search habits and to provide better search services.

By mining and surveying the users’ 15-day mobile phone logs, this paper analyzed the relationship between the users’ mobile search sessions, queries and APP usages, as well as the relationship between the search topic, search time and the types of APPs. The study found that there will be some interactions with other APPs in the mobile search sessions, the user's search behavior was might accompanied with other interactions with mobile phone. Users could use a variety of different APPs in the search session, with an obvious phenomenon of cross APPs. When users searched the information about reference or shopping, they preferred the vertical search engine. While if they used the browser and search engine APPs or social APPs, the search topics would be......

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