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Chinese Papers 9: Information Service & Evaluation
Saturday, 25/Mar/2017:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Location: Hubei 2
Location: Third Floor

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Evaluation of Library Resource Discovery System Based on Customer Satisfaction——A Case Study with OurExplorer of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Library

Jing Guo1, Yijun Zong2

1Shanghai Jiao Tong University Library, People's Republic of China; 2School of International and Public Affairs, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, People's Republic of China

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors which can reflect the quality of service. To empower the strength of a library, it is of great importance to optimize the service quality based on customers’ feedback. Standing at the point of library readers, this research analyzed customer satisfaction of a resource discovery system called OurExplorer of Shanghai Jiao Tong University library, by the method of questionnaires, and provided suggestions of library service optimization.

An Evaluation of the Quality of Health Information on the Internet from the Perspective of Users

Haiping Zhao, Shengli Deng

Wuhan University, China, People's Republic of

“Internet + health” era is gradually changing the traditional health care services, so that people can easily access health information over the network. This paper aims to build an online health information quality evaluation standard system from users’ perspective using the combined method of experimental method and interview method, and then a quantitative analysis is conducted using a questionnaire to validate and modify it. The conclusion part of this thesis summarizes some implications and suggestions to the health site itself, the ordinary consumers, online health information supervision institutions and medical workers, and then analyzed the research limitations and future research prospects.

An empirical study on the evaluation of Chinese government image from the perspective of network public opinion

Zhong Zheng

Sun Yat-sen University, People's Republic of chin China

Based on the basic framework of the author's construction of government image evaluation system and its main content, the network questionnaire for empirical research from three aspects of the government's handling of network public opinion, attitude, speed and validity. The results of the survey and the multiple regression analysis and hierarchical multiple regression analysis between the evaluation index of three one class and government image according to the results of hypothesis testing, and according to the actual situation of China's government to deal with the network public opinion on the analysis results of theoretical explanations, in-depth study of the relationship between China's network of public opinion and government image from different angles.

Research on the model of Public Library service performance evaluation

Ping Ke, Ping Gong

naikai university, China, People's Republic of

With the vigorous development of the library cause, designing a set of measure index system of library service results and expected goal is particularly important to implement assessment. To the value orientation of performance evaluation of public library services as the guide, it draws on the relevant theories of performance evaluation of public cultural services, then builds the model of China's public library service performance evaluation.From the assessment, evaluation system and evaluation operation ,The article gives suggestions for public library evaluation practice.

Digitizing Dunhuang Cultural Heritage: A User Evaluation of Mogao Cave Panorama Digital Library

Xiao Hu, Eric M. Y. Ho, Chen Qiao

University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. (China)

Mogao Caves, near the town of Dunhuang, have the world largest collection of Buddhist art, representing the unmatched value of non-moveable cultural heritage of China. With the fast development of digital technologies, murals and stove cave temples in Mogao Caves are being digitized and prototypes of digital platforms for presenting these heritages are being developed. The Digital Dunhuang project is initiated towards the goal of preserving and promoting access to the world treasure of Mogao Caves. The Mogao Cave Panorama Digital Library (Panorama DL) is one of the first steps that provide the public with access to high resolution digital photos of Mogao Caves. This study is a user evaluation on the usability of the Panorama DL, aiming to measure its effectiveness from the users' perspective and to propose suggestions for improvement. Usability tests were conducted with nine information seeking tasks designed for the Dunhuang heritage, followed by interviews soliciting in-depth opinions from participants. This study also provides methodological references for future evaluations of visually centric DLs of cultural heritages.

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