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Chinese Papers 8: Library Service & Education
Saturday, 25/Mar/2017:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Location: Hankou Hall
Location: Third Floor Capacity: 60 Size: 73㎡

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Information Communication Technology and The Self-Identification of New Generation Migrant Workers

Yonghao Nie, Huifang Lu

Sun Yat-Sen University, China, People's Republic of

While information communications technology (ICT) has become an indiscerptible and important part of the new generation of migrant workers’ daily life, its impact on their self-identification still lacks of systematical examination. By taking a sample from the new generation of migrant workers in Guangdong and Zhejiang, this paper employs questionnaires to collect data on the new generation migrant workers’ access and use of the ICT. The results of multiple linear regression analysis and binary logistic regression analysis show that, though demographic and social factors have some significant impact on the new generation migrant workers’ self-identification, the access and use of ICTs are playing an active role in the new generation migrant workers’ self-recognition of identification and their willingness and situation of city integration.

An Experiment of Reading Promotion Service based on User Social Network in Digital Library

Zhiqiang Wu, Jiabao Zhang, Chengzhu Yang

Wuhan University, China, People's Republic of

[Purpose/significance]Reading promotion service is one of the important services of digital library, which aims to promote the resources and services to more users. The Social Network Services(SNS) provides the user base for the reading promotion service of digital library, and it is feasible to use the social network of the user to realize the reading promotion service of digital library.[Method/process]An experimental study on the reading promotion service based on the user social network was carried out. (1) With the data of 819577 records obtained from an information service platform, we analyzed the user's relationship, and constructed the user social network. (2) we clustered the nodes in the user social network and mined out 4581 user communities. (3) Using centrality method, we recognized active users in user communities and made them as the starting points of the reading promotion service. (4) through the similarity matching between the resources and services for promotion and active users' interests, we established relationship links with active users in the communities, and implemented......

Study on Tianjin Public Library Providing Information Services to Migrant Workers

Qian Chen, Xin zhang, Fang Wang

Nankai University, China, People's Republic of

Chinese government and scholars attach great importance to the cultural and information services of migrant workers. On the basis of interviews with 23 public library staff, this study looks into public library resources construction and information service for migrant workers, and inducts the influencing factors in two dimensions of why the rate of migrant workers using public library is very low. The latter part of the paper discusses some valuable topics: the role and position of public library in the migrant workers’ social supporting system; the availability, accessibility, equalization and characteristics of public library’s service and resources; and how to avoid labeling "migrant worker". The results have reference value to improve the public library services for migrant workers, and enhance the utilization of resources and services.

Research on Obstacle Factors and Social Support in Digital Reading of Older Adults in China

Xue Xiao

Business School, Nankai University, China

The article explores obstacle factors and social support in digital reading of older adults via semi-structured in-depth interviews and open coding. The research finds that health,psychology, technology and equipment, digital reading literacy, context, website design are main obstacles, informal social support comes from family members and friends, and formal social support comes from libraries, communities, website play different roles in eliminating obstacles, and should combine together to promote digital reading of older adults.

A Comparative Analysis of Library Science Undergraduate Education in China and Japan—— the Cases of Wuhan University and the University of Tsukuba

Lihong Zhou, Yuting Feng, Yingying Han

School of Information Management,Wuhan University

In this study, a comparison of Chinese and Japanese undergraduate library science education is made from 5 aspects: compulsory courses, elective course, faculty, accreditation system, employment of graduates, adopting the education in Wuhan University and University of Tsukuba as study cases. The findings suggest that more elective courses be offered, especially the technology courses. Furthermore, more faculty members with non-library background should be employed.

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