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Chinese Papers 5: User's Information Behavior
Saturday, 25/Mar/2017:
8:30am - 10:00am

Location: Yangtze
Location: Third Floor Size: 122㎡

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A Study on the Relationship between Users’ Mobile Search and APP Usage

Dan Wu, Shaobo Liang, Yuan Tang

Wuhan University, China, People's Republic of

As the counts and types of APPs are growing rapidly and the mobile search has become more popular, the research focusing on the association between mobile search behavior and the APP usages can contribute to grasp the users’ rich search habits and to provide better search services.

By mining and surveying the users’ 15-day mobile phone logs, this paper analyzed the relationship between the users’ mobile search sessions, queries and APP usages, as well as the relationship between the search topic, search time and the types of APPs. The study found that there will be some interactions with other APPs in the mobile search sessions, the user's search behavior was might accompanied with other interactions with mobile phone. Users could use a variety of different APPs in the search session, with an obvious phenomenon of cross APPs. When users searched the information about reference or shopping, they preferred the vertical search engine. While if they used the browser and search engine APPs or social APPs, the search topics would be......

Users' Collaborative Behavior and its’ Influences on Entries' Quality in Chinese Wikipedia

Enmei Song1, Huan Su2

1Wuhan University, People's Republic of China; 2Center for Defense Scientific and Technical Information of Henan Province, People's Republic of China

Applications based on users’ collaborative working have developed rapidly under the Web2.0 environment, and Wikipedia has been a typical application. This paper divides the users’ collaborative behavior into editing collaboration and discussing collaboration, and chooses three kinds of entries with different quality grades as research objects according to the entries quality evaluation system of Chinese Wikipedia, then analyzes the different patterns of users’ collaborative behavior of entries with different quality grades. Furthermore, the factors which have greater influences on qualities of entries has been also identified, which indicates that the factors of users’ collaboration frequency and collaboration network play more influential roles.

A linked Data Mashup System for Chinese User generated Content

Ziran Zhang1, Dongsheng Yang1, Ruina Zhang2

1Central China Normal University, China, People's Republic of; 2Huazhong University of Science and Technology,China, People's Republic of

It is a hard task to organize and use Chinese user generated content because of the features of arbitrariness, lack of standardization and ambiguity. This paper constructed a Linked Data Mashup system for Chinese user generated content. The system included four layers: data layer, query layer, integrated layer and application layer. The authors processed the data about movies from DBPedia, LinkedMDB and Douban as a case study. The results showed it enabled users to reduce uncertainly and ambiguity of user generated content by providing more related results from different linked datasets and help user to get more rich data from external links.

A Topical Coverage and Authority Aware Model for Reviewer Recommendation

Qian Zhao, Jian Jin, Qian Geng, Yu Wei

Department of Information Management, Beijing Normal University, People's Republic of China

The selection of proper experts for paper reviews plays an important role in peer review, which aims to guarantee the quality of publications. Due to the remarkable increase in the number of submissions and reviewer candidates, the selection of proper experts manually appears its weakness in terms of accuracy and efficiency and an intelligent algorithm that recommends reviewers for submissions is of great practically significant. In this research, knowledge of each candidate and research subjects of each submission are extracted, which are denoted by a distribution of distinct sub-topics. Then, the topical coverage and the authority of reviewer candidates with respect to submissions are exploited. They are treated as indispensable evidences and linearly combined in an integrated model for reviewer recommendation. Different categories of experiments were conducted with a large volume of data from WANFANG DATA. It is found that, the proposed model outperforms many popular models for reviewer recommendation, such as Vector Space Model, Language Model and Latent Dirichlet Alloca-tion. It also demonstrates the effectiveness concerning on the authority......

User engagement in online mutual assistance communities

Yujia Zhai, Xin Zhang

Department of Information Resources Management, Nankai University

Providing users the path for interacting with each other and asking for social support, online health community can facilitate the diffusion and influence of health behaviors and enhance the action capacity and cognition. In order to properly evaluate the role of mutual assistance this form in our society, the user data of "Baidu Jieyan Ba" is employed to explore the engage pattern and desire for participation. We also proposed some advices for the online health community building and planning.

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