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Chinese Papers 4: Information Analysis & Informetrics
Saturday, 25/Mar/2017:
8:30am - 10:00am

Location: Hankou Hall
Location: Third Floor Capacity: 60 Size: 73㎡

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Extending citer analysis to journal impact evaluation

Yang Zhang1, Zhenzhu Chang2

1SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY, China, People's Republic of; 2SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY, China, People's Republic of

According to the citer analysis, this paper uses citing units (citer, citing articles, citing journals) to evaluate journal impact. Data of 31 kinds of high impact information science and library science journals and oncology journals are collected including citer, citing articles, citing journals and so on. Journals are evaluated from different citing units, and the ranking differences are compared. Based on it, the applicability of citer analysis methond between different subjects is explored. At the last time, comparability of JCCI index between different subjects is analysised. The results of the study indicate that citer anlysis evaluates journal impact from the new perspective, which is a supplement to the citation analysis. JCCI is not restricted by subjects. The JCCI values of natural science journals are higher than that of social science journals, but JCCI is more suitable for evaluating social science journals.

Usability Analysis of Journal Evaluation by Using Mendeley Reader Counts

Yang Zhang1, Linfang Lang2

1Sun Yat-sen University, China, People's Republic of; 2Sun Yat-sen University, China, People's Republic of

The rise of Web2.0 technology has been changing the research perspective for evaluation studies. Applying multi-source network data, such as online academic community data, social media data, online literature manager data and so on, to carry out assessment research has been causing great interest and leading to studies of Altmetrics. Among various alternative network data, reader counts of Mendeley have attracted so many researches and became one of the most promising alternative data in the research of Altmetrics. This case study analysis 34 journals in the area of library information system from the year of 2005 to 2014 and the results show that periodical literature coverage of Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 on Mendeley indicates trend of gradient descent, meanwhile Q1 periodical literatures have high stable coverage. A moderate correlation exists between the Journal impact factor and reader counts while a significant correlation is showed between SJR value and the reader counts. The annual correlation trend shows that the relationship between citation value and the reader counts is the smallest......

Study on Visualization Method and its application in Information Analysis

Liang Huo, Xiaobin Lu

Renmin University of China, China, People's Republic of

[Purpose/significance]Visualization method provides a powerful tool for the information analysis work inbig data environment, the paper constructs a flow chart of information analysis based on the visualization method, and offers a top-design guideline for the analyzing work based on visualization method;[Method/process]Withthe method of literature survey and Internet survey,combining with the new issue of information analysis in big dataenvironment, the paper proposes visualization method for information analysis of the early, middle and late three stages, and discusses the application field of information analysis based on visualization method;[Result/conclusion]The visualization method is applied in three stages of information analysis process, which makes up the deficiency of traditional methods, improves the efficiency of information cognition, and provides a new method for information analysis researchers;[Limitations]At present, the flow chart of information analysis based on the visualization method is constructed in the paper, and further research will be carried out in the future.

Comparative study of papers’ impact in open access journal between China and USA

Siluo Yang

School of Information Management, Wuhan University

We take these Chinese and US paper in 7 PLOS journals as data sample, take PLOS Article-Level Metrics as the tool. We statistics the five major categories of indicators (Viewed, Saved, Discussed, Cited, and Recommended) and 24 sub-indexes, compares these OA papers’ impact between China and US from the index correlation, different years, different types of paper, different index, different journals. We found that: 1) the indicators correlation is similar in the OA papers of China and US, with a high correlation between cited and viewed, and with the weak correlation between cited and discussed. 2) On the whole, these indexes value of US papers are higher than China papers. The gap are large of Viewed, Discussed, and Recommended, and is not large in Saved. Measuring the paper impact only by citation underestimated the gap between China and US. 3) About Chinese paper, the indictor have relatively high value in these paper of China as no-first author; these paper of China as only author have the lowest value. About US......

Perspective Analysis on Reading Research in Recent Ten Years

Jianhua Wu, Xue Li, Xiuling He

Central China Normal University, China, People's Republic of

Documents on reading research during 2006-2015 were collected both from sub-databases in WoS –SSCI/A&HCI/SCI-EXPANDED/CPCI-S/CPCI-SSH and from CNKI core journal. CitespaceIII was applied to these data to make a perspective analysis on reading research of home and abroad in 10 years. The important countries, institutions, authors, journals, keywords, categories and key papers of reading research are identified. Filtering function of CitespaceIII was used to get documents on reading research produced by Information Science & Library Science, and deeper perspective analysis was made to get a clearer picture. It was discovered that dyslexia, children, comprehension and acquisition are hot spots in recent 10 years. E-reading, online reading, reading behavior, attitude and patterns are hot topics of Information Science & Library Science. Although the output of Information Science & Library Science is small, its centrality is quite high. Research in early stage in mainland China focused on reading procedure and foreign language instruction. Reading promotion, civil reading and digital reading carried out by library and information field have become the hot spots of the whole field of reading research.

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