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Preliminary Papers 1: Social Media and Informatics
Thursday, 23/Mar/2017:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Session Chair: Jorge Martins, University of Sheffield
Location: Hanyang Hall
Location: Third Floor Capacity: 60 Size: 73㎡

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Welcome New Americans! Investigating the role of hyper-local online communities in integration of immigrants

Rosta Farzan1, Grace Ahmed2, Yvette Espinoza3, Marissa Villarreal4, Natalie Euley5

1University of Pittsburgh, United States of America; 2University of Vermont; 3California State University, Fresno; 4University of Alabama in Huntsville; 5University of Houston

The United States has a continuously growing immigrant population. A problem many of these New Americans may face is adapting to the new culture. Researchers have been investigating ways technology can play a role in supporting acculturation of the immigrant population. In this work, we studied the role of a particular class of technological support, hyper-local online communities, designed to support individuals living in the same geographical boundaries. Through a survey of a 50 immigrants from two distinct areas in the US, we investigated whether utilization of hyper-local online communities can be associated with better integration with the local community demonstrated as increase sense of belonging and satisfaction. We also investigated potential factors contributing to utilization of such platforms. We report the results of our study; highlight potential implications for design of technology for immigrants and discuss future direction of research in this area.

RepoHunter: Supporting Curation Repositories on GitHub

Yu Wu1, Na Wang2, John Carroll1

1Penn State Univeristy, United States of America; 2Samsung Research America

In recent year, curation repositories that organize high-quality resources for software development become trending on GitHub. However, few studies have looked at the user experiences of curation repositories, especially the role of GitHub features plays in this practice, and no design efforts have been spent to support the practice better. By surveying software developers about their experiences with curation repositories, this study finds out software developers visit curation repositories to keep themselves in sync with the community, including finding resources for learning, supporting work, and following trends. Information cues on GitHub play important roles for signaling the quality of curated resources. The results informed the design and implementation of RepoHunter, which attaching information cues directly to curated items in a curation repository. The evaluation of RepoHunter reveals the improvement of user experiences and suggests further design opportunities.

Internal/External Information Access and Information Diffusion in Social Media

TIAN XIA1, Xing Yu2, Zheng Gao3, Yijun Gu4, Xiaozhong Liu3

1Renmin University of China, China, People's Republic of; 2Indiana University Indianapolis; 3Indiana University Bloomington; 4People’s Public Security University of China

The information filter bubbles may hardly restrict all the users in a large social network, some information explorers can break the bubble and bring some external global knowledge back to the internal network. In this paper, we investigate this hypothesis via Hashtag adoption prediction. First, we construct a heterogeneous graph and then extract 17 features from the graph to describe the event of hashtag adoption; Second, we generate learning instances and train a lasso regression model to do prediction, and finally we evaluate and analyze the experiment result from information diffusion viewpoint . We find that information explorers play an important role in topic diffusion in Weibo social network, they are more likely to adopt new hashtags than common users, thereby more internal and external information can be diffused via these special users.

A Preliminary Analysis on Student Postings on Facebook and Blogs in an Internship Course in Information Management

Christy W. L. Cheong1, Xiao Hu2, Samuel K. W. Chu2, Nicole Ng2

1Macao Polytechnic Institute; 2Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong

This study analyzes student postings on Facebook and blogs in the same internship course across six years in an Information Management program. A two-level coding scheme on knowledge management and socio-emotional support was adapted to encode the postings. Association rule mining was applied to discover relationships between code categories; automated classification models were built and evaluated in various compositions of the categories. Preliminary findings disclosed that students posted messages of emotional expressions and social support, as well as those showing knowledge capturing and knowledge sharing processes. Preliminary results of classification experiments demonstrate the feasibility of automated analysis. It is also found that postings in the two platforms, Facebook and blogs, are mostly indistinguishable except for those in the social support categories.

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