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Completed Papers 1: Human-Computer Interaction
Thursday, 23/Mar/2017:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Bei Yu, Syracuse University
Location: Hankou Hall
Location: Third Floor Capacity: 60 Size: 73㎡

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An Investigation of Ways to Support Older Adults when Using Mobile Interfaces

Katelyn Toy, Edward O'Meara, Ravi Kuber, Sidas Saulynas

UMBC, United States of America

In this paper, we describe a study designed to examine the effects of modality, target size and other design features on task performance. The study has specifically focused on older adults when accessing a mobile interface. Twelve participants (aged 55-89) conducted a set of pointing and steering tasks. Targets 32px in size were found to be most effective to support pointing performance, while targets 64px in size assisted older adults when performing steering tasks. Shorter lasting steering tasks (6 seconds) were performed with lower levels of error compared with 12 second tasks. Guidance from the study offers a reference point for mobile developers interested in designing touch screen interfaces to cater to the needs of older adults.

VennTags: A File Management System based on Overlapping Sets of Tags

Nehad Gassab Albadri1, Sitjn Dekeyser2, Richard Watson3

1University of Southren Qeensland, Australia; 2University of Southren Qeensland, Australia; 3University of Southren Qeensland, Australia

File systems (FS) are an essential part of operating systems in that they are responsible for storing and organising files and then retrieving those when needed. Because of the high capacity of modern storage devices and the growing number of files stored, the traditional FS model is no longer able to meet modern users' needs in terms of storing and retrieving files. So using metadata emerges as an efficacy solution for the limitations of file systems.

In this paper, we propose a new model dubbed VennTags to solve the FS problems. We do this by utilising the idea of overlapping the sets as in Venn diagram and adopting DAG structure (instead of tree) to achieve that we have used tagging capability and exposed a query language at the level of the API. We evaluate the expressive power of VennTags model that shows its ability to resolve the FS limitations compared to other solutions.

All Situational Impairments are not Created Equal: A Classification System for Situational Impairment Events and the Unique Nature of Severely Constraining Situational Impairments

Sidas Aras Saulynas1, Lawrence Burgee2, Ravi Kuber1

1UMBC, United States of America; 2Neummann University, United States of America

This study explores situationally induced impairments and disabilities (SIIDs) from a unique perspective. A two-week diary study of mobile technology users was conducted to create a corpus of situational impairment events (SIEs) that mobile users may experience in the wild. As a result, themes and classifications describing the type of SIEs that were encountered (such as ambient environmental and social/cultural issues) were created. In addition, within the created classification system, the authors identified the presence of a subset of SIEs that where severely constraining in the sense that a workaround is not available or easily obtained, or where a technological solution was found that only led to the introduction of a new SIE. The use of the classification of SIEs as well as the identification of the unique nature of those that are severely constraining can help influence the future design of mobile technologies

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