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Chinese Papers 2: Archive Curation & Service
Wednesday, 22/Mar/2017:
3:30pm - 5:30pm

Location: Shahu Room
Location: Fifth floor Capacity: 60 Size: 80㎡

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The Research on the Construction of Big Digital Archives Cloud Platform

Linlin Song1, Haitao Li2

1School of Information management, Sun Yat-sen University, China, People's Republic of; 2School of Information management, Sun Yat-sen University, China, People's Republic of

From the perspective of management and application, it constructs the big digital archives cloud platform. Firstly, it explores archiving process of electronic records in the digital archives cloud platform from the angle of reliable electronic records based on the analysis of cloud computing management risks, secondly, it explores the construction of digital archives cloud platform from the perspectives of functions and system architecture, at last, it explores the Operational mechanism of digital archives cloud platform from the angles of internal operation and regulation methods.

A Study of Event-Based Collecting Behavior Model from the Han People Wedding Ceremony in Taiwan

Yufan Wu

Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China


事实上,典藏在人类日常生活中一直存在着,诸如书籍、邮票、艺术品的搜藏,这样的行为在个人生命历程中随时都在发生,刘婉珍即称「收与存是人类本能的行为与需求」,是一种将「收集所得加以保存整理」的行为。针对典藏行为而进行的研究,根据陈佳利称,主要系「研究人们内在心里运作及意义创造的一部份,并反映了当代社会文化价值之转变」,这类「心理运作及意义创造」系受到个人经验与价值观之影响,并体现于「物件」的集合上。综观国内外相关研究,多焦注于特定「物件」典藏上,从而归纳或描述典藏行为的肇因、差异与过程。然而,个人生命历程中所经历的典藏行为,并不总是聚焦于特定物件之上,反倒是必须配合着许多关键的生命事件(life events)而进行典藏,这类事件诸如生命的生老病死、生活中的婚丧喜庆等,系个人于特定社会时空脉络下所引发,或为可预期、或为突发,对于个人生命常有着深刻的意义、价值与影响,也致使记录、典藏这类生命事件的方式与想法成为个人生命历程中普遍且特殊的行为。


Data Management and Archival Information Service

Bo Jin

Shanghai University, China, People's Republic of

Data management is not only a kind of advanced management technology and method, and it is a kind of brand-new idea. The paper interprets connotation and features of data management, and analyzes the influence of data management on the archival information service, and focuses on the innovation of archival information service under data management background, in order to provide a new perspective for the development of the archival information service in the era of big data.

The Study on the Situation and Countermeasures of Public Archives Apps in China

Keyan Chen1, Biyong Tan2

1Renmin University, China; 2Shandong University, China

In order to understand the current development situation of public archives Apps in China, this paper chooses the present public archives Apps in china as the research subject and invests them from their type, system support, development mode, website promotion and service content. During the initial stage of development, due to the misunderstanding in thought level, and limitation in the material level, China's public archives Apps have been developing slowly, their service contents are single and lack of features. As a whole, the present archives Apps are in the condition of low quality and influence. In this regard, public archives should correct the misunderstandings, focus on the cooperation with third parties,promote the "quantity" and "quality" construction of digital archive resources synchronously, pay more attention to user experience, provide personalized services, strengthen the marketing and promotion to promote the progress of archives App service.


Jingxian Xu, Yi Ding

RenMin University of China, China, People's Republic of

With the development of society and technology, traditional archive storage forms are faced with new opportunities and challenges. There are many kinds of digital storage technology, but with the arrival of the era of big data, the existing data technology has been gradually unable to adapt to the development of the digital process of archives. Some new data storage technologies have been proposed by scholars in other fields. In this paper, the author summarizes several representative data storage technology and focuses on a new data storage technology,DNA data storage technology. Combined with the actual situation of our country's archives, inductive method, deductive method are utilized in this article to reveal the feasibility, necessity, advantages and difficulties of the application of DNA data storage technology in the process of archive digitization.

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