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Sesión 01: LING_3: Sesión
Jueves, 28/03/2019:
9:00 - 10:30

Lugar: J 30/109
Capacidad: 26

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9:00 - 9:45

Welcome and introduction to the section

Katrin Schmitz

Universität Wuppertal, Deutschland

Welcome and introduction to the section

9:45 - 10:30

DOM in Heritage Spanish

Natascha Pomino

Bergische Univeristät Wuppertal, Deutschland

Much work on Spanish Differential Object Marking (DOM) has shown the complexity and the resulting difficulties for its acquisition. Most studies, however, deal with early or late bilinguals with the language combination English-Spanish. The present paper presents data from a pilot study seeking to check whether the reported results also hold for German-Spanish bilinguals. Despite the differences between the systems of German and Spanish, German provides a general morpho-phonological marking which could serve as support. Based on two tasks conducted with L1 Spanish speakers from Spain, German-Spanish bilingual HS and German L2 learners of Spanish, we observe for the obligatory contexts that the HS perform very similar to monolingual L1 speakers, generally outperforming the L2 learners. Furthermore, we will show that L1 and HS show a low variance value, i.e. a high homogeneity within the respective group, whereas the variance value for L2 learners is much higher. Assuming that a low variance value indicates a systematic, rule-based linguistic behavior, we will conclude that HL is an independent linguistic system which can and should be analyzed also without reference to its acquisition.

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