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Seminar 330: REHVA-ISIAQ Workshop on COVID-19 transmission
Monday, 21/June/2021:
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Session Chair: Atze Boerstra
Session Co-chair: Jarek Kurnitski
Location: Zoom room #4
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REHVA-ISIAQ guidance on measures to prevent airborne transmission

Atze Boerstra1, Jarek Kurnitski2

1BBA Binnenmilieu, The Netherlands; 2Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia


Property owners and managers. Facility managers. HVAC service providers & contractors. Engineering consultants. Indoor climate specialists. Occupational health & safety professionals. Building authorities.


REHVA acted fast in the spring of 2020 to develop evidence-based recommendations on practical COVID-19 infection mitigation measures related to e.g. the operation and maintenance of ventilation systems. We have seen that the guidance has helped owners & operators of existing buildings to make the right kind of decisions about their buildings and building service systems throughout all over Europe and beyond.

 This joint REHVA-ISIAQ seminar focuses on the development and latest iteration of the REHVA requirements and their scientific evidence. The workshop complements the ISIAQ workshop on infection risk models that focusses on the more fundamental aspects related to airborne transmission of infectious diseases indoor.

Questions covered in this workshop are for example:

• What air exchange rates should be recommended?

• How about the relative importance of measures, e.g. air change rate versus HVAC servicing points, controlling pressure differentials between rooms and general sanitation measures (e.g. handwashing)?

• Why is humidification not generally recommended in the guidance document (the significance of relative or specific humidity)?

• Are droplet nuclei with (infectious) virus-laden aerosols transported via ventilation ducts and recirculation sections or enthalpy wheels (rotary heat exchangers) back to occupied rooms?

• How relevant are the present COVID-19 requirements in relation to other diseases e.g. seasonal flu (future influenza epidemics)?


Presentations followed by Q&A and interactive group discussion at the end.

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