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Session Overview
Seminar 292: Determinants and sources of indoor bacteria and consequences for respiratory health
Tuesday, 22/June/2021:
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Session Chair: Randi Jacobsen Bertelsen
Session Co-chair: Maryia Khomich
Location: Zoom room #8
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Session Abstract

SPEAKERS: Randi J Bertelsen, Vivi Schlünssen, Hesham Amin, Inge Wouters, Malin Alsved, Lidia Casas

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Determinants and sources of indoor bacteria, and consequences for respiratory health

Randi Jacobsen Bertelsen1, Vivi Schlünssen2, Hesham Amin1, Inge Wouters3, Malin Alsved4, Lidia Casas5, Maryia Khomich1

1University of Bergen, Norway; 2Aarhus University, Denmark; 3Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS), The Netherlands; 4Lund University, Sweden; 5University of Antwerp, Belgium

The indoor environment is an important source of exposure to microbial components. We spend approximately 90% of our time indoors and are exposed to a variety of airborne microbial components. The bacteria in the air we breathe are important sources for the lung microbiome, and therefore have the potential to impact respiratory health and disease. While some environments, like farms, may be associated with lower risk of atopy and asthma, as known particularly from children growing up on farms, the mechanisms or sources leading to such ‘protective’ effects are still discussed. The indoor microbiota can be of human or environmental origin but building and household characteristics may also impact the diversity and abundance of the microorganisms found indoors. During this workshop we will discuss the indoor bacteria and other microorganisms, sources and determinants of these and the potential impact on allergies and respiratory health.

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