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Session Overview
Seminar 217: Utrafine particles (UFP): could we filtrate them with HVAC filters and purifiers?
Wednesday, 23/June/2021:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Anders Hedström
Session Co-chair: Lidia Morawska
Location: Zoom room #5
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Session Abstract

PANELISTS: Anders Hedström, Lidia Morawska, Magnus Svartengren, Britta Permats, Bertil Forsberg

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Ultrafine particles (UFP): Can we filter them with conventional HVAC filters or ‘air purifiers’? A white-paper for decision-makers

Anders Hedström1, Lidia Morawska2

1IAQ Sweden, Sweden/Queensland University of Technology; 2Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Indoor Air Quality is essential for humans and specially when it comes to viruses and nano particles that penetrate deep into our airway systems.

Air has puzzled thinkers through the years, but still we have many missconceptions. IAQ is in focus when COVID appeared, and during my 35 years of applied science, finally humans understand that the threat the invisible can pose to us. IAQ is complex and often we give so many advice on how to clean the air indoors, so end-user get confuesd. In a new White paper for policy makers, Prof Lidia Morawska from QUT will explain the difference between nano and UFP and larger particles. I will explain the difference between the ways of measuring IAQ. We have solutions for filtering and taking care of IAQ, but do we do it in a correct way?

Could we as long as we have the severe air pollution outside manage to clean the air coming indoors, and do we do it in a correct way today? IAQ solutions I will discuss in my lecture and examples from QUT and WHO guidelines group how we think around what we should measure going forward and due to the standards today for filtering could we upgrade them? Are we able to recycle air with air purifiers, and which techniques are favourable?

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