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Location: Zoom room #2
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Date: Monday, 21/June/2021
Session 12: Numerical simulation
Location: Zoom room #2
Chair: Moon Keun Kim
Co-chair: Sasan Sadrizadeh
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10:30am - 10:42am

Can we measure buildings' affordance?

Ardeshir Mahdavi, Helene Teufl

10:42am - 10:47am

CFD simulation of non-isothermal ventilation flow in a generic enclosure: Impact of inlet velocity boundary conditions

Luyang Kang, Twan van Hooff

10:47am - 10:59am

Numerical simulation and field survey research of indoor thermal comfort for healthy building: A case study of Lingnan residential building

Bin Li, Weihong Guo, Xiao Liu, Yuqing Zhang, Peter J. Russell

10:59am - 11:11am

Numerical Simulation of Double Skin Facade used to produce Energy in Buildings

Eusebio Conceição, João Gomes, Mª Manuela Lúcio, Hazim Awbi

11:11am - 11:16am

Numerical study of the influence of balconies on indoor environment in winter: A case study of college dormitories in Jinan, China

Farun An, Jiying Liu, Wanpeng Lu

11:16am - 11:28am

INCHEM-Py: A new open source model for investigating indoor air chemistry

David Shaw, Nicola Carslaw

11:28am - 11:40am

Identification of most important factors (Building factors: artificial lights and window materials; External factors: cloud factors, season, latitude) affecting indoor photolysis rates


11:40am - 11:45am

Development of an underground space using to produced cold energy in summer conditions in the building thermal conditions performance

Eusebio Conceição, João Gomes, Mª Manuela Lúcio, Hazim Awbi

Session 14: IAQ measurement
Location: Zoom room #2
Chair: Hans Martin Mathisen
Co-chair: Britt ann Kåstad Høiskar
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1:00pm - 1:12pm

Reducing infection risk and optimization of airing concepts for indoor air quality by accurate aerosol & CO2 measurements

Ann-Kathrin Gossmann, Stefan Hogekamp, Frederik Weis, Maximilian Weiss

1:12pm - 1:17pm

Measurement and simulations of the influence of green wall systems on indoor air quality

Janine Bardey, Marcel Schweiker, Dirk Müller, Marc Baranski

1:17pm - 1:22pm

Intrinsic dimension estimation as a tool to sensor selection for an indoor air quality multisensory system

Luiz Miranda, Caroline Duc, Nathalie Redon, Marie Verriele, Bernadette Dorizzi, Jérôme Boudy, Jugurta Montalvão

1:22pm - 1:27pm

A method for determining the time-dependent indoor CO2 concentration to evaluate air hygiene

Anica Jasmin Mayer, Christian Menges, Roland Göttig

1:27pm - 1:32pm

Interaction between controlled natural lighting and IEQ; Integrated double skin facades approach applied on an office building

Hadil H. S Alsafadi, Touraj Ashrafian

1:32pm - 1:44pm

Big Data in IAQ research, an example of the application in IEA EBC Annex 86

Jelle Laverge, Marc Delghust, Klaas De Jonge, Loes Lokere, Mathias Vandenberghe, Timon Gryson, Ivan Pollet, Steven Delrue

1:44pm - 1:56pm

Optimal sensor positioning for monitoring indoor air quality in a simulated office environment

Seoyeon Yun, Dusan Licina

1:56pm - 2:08pm

A new simplified daylight evaluation tool, description and validation against the standard method of EN 17037

Bertrand Deroisy, Nicolas Dupin, Sabine Pauquay, Jens Christoffersen

Date: Tuesday, 22/June/2021
Session 8: Thermal comfort
Location: Zoom room #2
Chair: Quan Jin
Co-chair: Jakub Kolarik
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10:30am - 10:42am

Provision of thermal comfort via user-centric radiant cooling elements: An experimental investigation

Helene Teufl, Matthias Schuß, Ardeshir Mahdavi

10:42am - 10:54am

Verification of Thermal Comfort of Combined Convection-Radiation Air Conditioning System using Building Structure

Akihiro Kawamura, Tomohiro Chiba, Mitsuhiro Takahashi, Shun-ichi Nakamoto, Hisashi Hasebe, Takashi Akimoto

10:54am - 11:06am

Evaluation of Personalized Thermal Conditioning Chair in Net Zero Energy Building Office

Shintaro HANAZONO, Yuki KUBOTA, Tastuo NOBE

11:06am - 11:18am

Electroencephalography associated with thermal discomfort induced by temperature upward ramping

Jieun Han, Chungyoon Chun

11:18am - 11:30am

Thermal comfort and skin temperature of adolescents compared to young adults

Jeongseo Lee, Chungyoon Chun

11:30am - 11:42am

Association between physiological signal from wearable device and alertness of office workers

Yoonhee Lee, Chungyoon Chun

11:42am - 11:54am

Thermal Insulation of Clothing: Assessment of Cleanroom Clothing Ensembles

Katerina Roskotova, Daniel Adamovsky

Session 16: Indoor epidemiology
Location: Zoom room #2
Chair: Pertti Pasanen
Co-chair: Randi Jacobsen Bertelsen
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1:00pm - 1:05pm

Pandemic and Office Design: A review of health effects of different office concepts.

Ane Gjerland, Stephan Soos, Tor Erik Danielsen, Barbro Grude Eikseth, Hanne Tosterud, Liv Hiis Bergh, Morten Hatling, Stein Knardahl

1:05pm - 1:10pm

How well are health institutions prepared for pandemics, in terms of ventilation and protective equipment?

Ann-Helen Olsen

1:10pm - 1:22pm

Impacts of the indoor environment in our homes and schools on child health: A novel analysis using the EU-SILC Database

Daniel Gehrt, Marco Hafner, Sune Tobias Grollov, Jens Christoffersen

1:22pm - 1:27pm

Indoor Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter and Practical Mitigation Approaches - a U.S. National Academy of Sciences Workshop

David A. Butler

1:27pm - 1:39pm

Robust and reliable deep renovation by advanced prefabricated façade elements. Air-tightness performance and assessment of a demo case

Sverre Holøs, Kari Thunshelle

1:39pm - 1:51pm

Longitudinal characterization of the human personal cloud effect associated with gaseous and particle pollutants in Switzerland

María Viviana González Serrano, Dusan Licina

Date: Wednesday, 23/June/2021
Session 1: Indoor chemical pollutants
Location: Zoom room #2
Chair: Ulla Haverinen-Shaughnessy
Co-chair: Jun Gao
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10:30am - 10:35am

Impact of indoor temperature on the possible release of adsorbed Volatile Organic Compounds from sorptive materials

Raphael Brun, Margot Genest, Marion Chenal, Arnaud Soisson, Marie Verriele, Frederic Thevenet

10:35am - 10:47am

Characterization of the surface chemistry of Activated Carbons: a tool for sorptive indoor material formulation

Raphael Brun, Mangesh Ramesh Avhad, Helena Kaper, Marion Chenal, Arnaud Soisson, Marie Verriele, Frederic Thevenet

10:47am - 10:52am

Diffusions of essential oils in a 40m³ experimental room: from emission rates to impact on indoor air quality


10:52am - 11:04am

VOCs emissions from the human during sleep under different ozone and air change rate levels

Huiqi Shao, Xiaojun Fan, Jiemin Liu, Pawel Wargocki

11:04am - 11:16am

Modeling physico-chemical processes impacting particles formation and fate indoors

Corentin Berger, Nadège Blond, Alice Micolier, Maxence Mendez, Didier Hauglustaine, Jean-Luc Ponche

11:21am - 11:33am

Effect of ageing conditions on decorative and renovation products containing biocides: Assessment of its impact on indoor air quality

Nouha Zine Filali, Tamara Braish, Nadine Locoge, Yves Andres

11:33am - 11:38am

Indoor Environment and Energy Consumption of an Elementary School in a Subtropical Region

Jun-ichiro Tsutsumi, Ryo Nakamatsu, Masaru Matsuda, Makoto Sato, Naoko Odagiri, Shin-ichi Tanabe

Session 17: Odour and emissions
Location: Zoom room #2
Chair: Therese Bergh Nitter
Co-chair: Corinne Mandin
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Achieving a healthy indoor air by using an emissions barrier

Lennart Larsson, Johan Mattsson, Timo Lehtimaa

Odour problems in buildings - the result of 682 cases

Johan Mattsson, Tage Rolén

The effect of Relative Humidity on the Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from Building Materials

Tamara Braish, Laurence Depelchin, Ana Maria Tobon-Monroy, Yves Andres, Cécile Caudron, Nadine Locoge

Further Development of Odour Testing of Building Products – Sample Presentation and Evaluation of Perceived Intensity

Simone Brandt, Frank Brozowski, Wolfgang Horn, Wolfgang Plehn, Birgit Müller

Discerning relative humidity trends in vernacular and conventional building typologies for occupant health

Suchi Priyadarshani, Monto Mani, Daniel Maskell

Evaluation of the physiological effect on human subjects of different odorant environments

Gwénaëlle Haese, Mélanie Nicolas, Ségolène Lalande, Stéphane Delaby

Monitoring Mold growth and VOC-emissions from Wood Wool insulation under unfavorable hygrothermal conditions

Tamara Braish, Laurence Depelchin, Vincent Gaudion, Yves Andres, Thierry Langlet, Anh Dung Tran Le, Cécile Caudron, Liselotte Tinel, Nadine Locoge

Influence of wooden Flooring on Indoor Air Quality

Swaraj Paul

Indoor air 2-ethylhexanol levels in an office building after floor repair – a follow-up study

Olavi Vaittinen

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